Dove Cameron Without Her Top Begins ‘Self Discovery’

Dove Cameron Without Her Top Begins ‘Self Discovery’

Dove Cameron has once again set social media ablaze with an Instagram post!

The actress and singer treated her fans to a series of snapshots on her Instagram feed, with one particular picture leaving her legion of followers undoubtedly captivated. In this update, Cameron tantalizingly showcased a generous amount of skin while working the camera.

Sexy Snap

Highlighting her curves, the 27-year-old confidently posed against a white background, opting to go without a top. To maintain modesty, Cameron strategically positioned her left hand over her exposed chest, although it didn’t entirely obscure her entire assets. Nevertheless, the strategic placement appeared to meet Instagram’s strict no-nudity guidelines.

Tilting her head to the side, the “Descendants” star looked straight into the lens while grabbing the hem of her stockings.

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For the occasion, Cameron sported short, dark hair with vibrant red tips, styled in waves that beautifully framed her face. She complemented her look with a stunning makeup application, enhancing her features.

In terms of accessories, the singer chose to adorn herself with gold bracelets, rings, and hoop earrings.

No Top, No Problem!

While wearing nothing on top, Cameron rocked blue denim bottoms with sparkly gold sequins and a black Gucci stocking underneath. The sheer tights went up above her belly button, and its tight waistband highlighted her petite waist.

Cameron captioned the share, “Self-discovery going crazy !!!!! Newness newness !!! See you in the new year !!!!! with music !!”

The post has stirred quite a bit of excitement among Cameron’s fans, judging by the enthusiastic comments in the section. Since going live on her feed, the post racked up over 2.4 million likes.

“Love this picture of you,” one person replied, while another wrote, “Love the photo.”

The third person commented, “Well this is a dramatic change from the last time I saw you in 2018. Not bad tho.”

A different follower noted, “You are so hot.”

Dove Cameron Talks About Her New Album

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Cameron unveiled her debut album, “Alchemical: Volume 1,” on the past Friday, December 1. She openly delved into the details of the release during a recent chat with Forbes.

“There’s a huge sense of excitement,” Cameron said about celebrating the release of her album. “Funny enough, I’m leaving for D.C. to go perform at the Kennedy Center. So, I’ll be traveling during release week. I’ll be on the road with my team rather than my friends and family, who I would normally be with. But my team is like my family as well at this point.”

She added, “Probably when I get back into town, I’ll get all my friends together and we’ll do something nice and lowkey and maybe cook and read tarot cards and have a sleepover or something like that. Just something intimate. I’m a really low-key person. I don’t leave my house very much. I’m sort of a hermit writer type. But yes, just being with my people is going to be perfect.”

Pouring It All Out For Music

When asked about her writing process, Cameron explained, “I tend to blood-let and hit these big energetic walls. And it’s like, ‘If I do not get this out of my body right now, I will be writing about this forever. Or if I don’t write about it, period, I’m not going to write anything good in the next five years.'”

The singer continued, “And because careers are long, lives are long, and you have to write like you’re going to be doing this for the rest of your life, allowing yourself to write from where you are is the healthy thing as the artist, I believe. I realized, like after I’d written ‘Boyfriend,’ after I’d written ‘Breakfast,’ that was really where I was at in that moment. I was angry and I had a lot of energy that I needed to get out that felt declarative and felt bold. And it was coming from a place not of celebration as much as it was repressed.”

Cameron also mentioned that she “felt so infantilized, so missed and not seen for the person that I had been.”

The “Lethal Woman” hitmaker added, “I’d been performing for so many years as this thing that I knew people wanted me to be. So again, I hit this energetic block and I was like, ‘Wait, no, what am I feeling right now? What needs to get out of my body literally right now? Like if we were old-school medicine practicing and we were putting leeches on me. If it were the 1800s before we knew what was happening, what would be coming out of my blood right now? That’s what needs to be in these songs.’ Then after that era of bombastic self-expression, I was so melancholic, and I was searching for a soft place to land. That’s where the first half of the record came from. Now that I’ve done that, it’s like the ghost left me and I’m in this place where I’ve never been before.”