Drew Barrymore Penned Letter of Support To Hugh Grant During Infamous Scandal

Drew Barrymore Penned Letter of Support To Hugh Grant During Infamous Scandal

Iconic actor Hugh Grant has, unfortunately, had a taste of being on the dark side of the media. His controversial sex worker scandal in 1995 brought him so much backlash and threatened the headway he had made in his acting career. Fortunately for him, he got a few supportive gestures from concerned people, including Drew Barrymore. Read on for more details.

Drew Barrymore Sent Hugh Grant A Letter Of Support

Barrymore’s storied career has culminated in having her eponymous show, “The Drew Barrymore Show.” The program features human-interest stories, celebrity guests, lifestyle segments to thrill the viewers.

Earlier this year, Grant appeared on the show and discussed several hot topics with Barrymore. At some point in their conversation, she referred to the moment when she penned him a letter of support. It occurred in 1995 when Grant got arrested with sex worker Divine Brown for lewd conduct.

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“You were so nice,” Grant recalled. “It was during the dark days of my Divine Brown scandal. I was just an idiot. I was a grown-up idiot who got caught by the police.”
He continued, “I was back in England with 5,000 members of the press around the borders of my farm. And I opened a letter from you, that was very supportive and nice, and it was very cheering up. I thought ‘I love Drew Barrymore.'”

To cap it all, Grant admitted that Barrymore would always have a place in his heart. He felt touched that she showed her support to him even when they had not met at that time.

Huge Grant’s Scandal

The ordeal started when the British actor took a trip to the Los Angeles sunset strip, notoriously known as a red-light zone. In a bid to satisfy his sexual urges, he solicited Divine Brown (real name Estella Marie Thompson), a local call girl, whom he paid $60 (£37) to perform oral sex on him in a corner.

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They were arrested and charged for their lewd conduct in a public place. The media chewed him up when his case made the headlines in several tabloids at that time.

It got worse because he was in a relationship with Liz Hurley, giving the media more firepower to use on him. Surprisingly, Hurley stayed with him all through that dark moment. They parted ways five years later but remained best of friends.

Barrymore’s Reasons For Writing The Letter

To shed more light on why she sent the letter, the show host admitted that her fan love and personal relation to his ordeal spurred her to do it.

“I loved you so much. That whole incident — I related in my own life,” Barrymore shared. “I think that whether it’s an actor or a politician or anything in between, we expect people to be infallible, perfect, never flawed.”

She decried the unjust backlash celebrities face when their personal issues are bandied around in the media. “And God forbid we do anything in our personal lives that we would like to remain personal,” she said. “But we don’t have that privilege. Because at a certain point, the cat gets let out of the bag.”

Her final comment on the conversation revealed she appreciated his personality– compelling her to reach out to him.

They Met And Co-Starred In A Movie Titled ‘Music And Lyrics’

Years after the scandal, the pair starred in a rom-com film “Music and Lyrics.” They played the part of a washed-up pop star and a writer. On the show, they recalled their experiences on set and gushed about finally meeting each other.

“I loved getting to know you on our movie Music and Lyrics, and it’s just one of my very favorite movies, and it makes me so happy,” Barrymore said. “We just used to sit around and laugh.”

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Grant also admitted that they had a bit of spark between them when they met. Barrymore also agreed that she felt the same chemistry. However, they did not see the need to take it further as they were different people who wanted different things at that time.