Dune Fans Can't Get Enough Of Ayo Edebiri's Impression Of The Film's Theme

Dune Fans Can't Get Enough Of Ayo Edebiri's Impression Of The Film's Theme

If there is anything the internet is always obsessed with, it is Ayo Edebiri. Between her critically acclaimed projects, her style and her long-running bit about being Irish, it seems like she’s always trending. And since both Dune Part 2 and The Bear Season 3 premiered this year, we got an unexpected crossover moment between the two, and fans can’t get over how perfect it is.

Since starring in The Bear, Edebiri and her work have skyrocketed to fame, as she's appeared in multiple critically acclaimed movies and TV shows, including Inside Out 2 where she voiced Envy. But she’s a comedian at heart, and therefore is always cracking jokes and impressions in interviews.

In a recent edition of The Vanity Fair Game Show, The Bear cast put Chef Sydney’s skills to the test. While trying to guess Edebiri’s go-to karaoke song, her co-stars kept yelling out unserious answers, one of them being the Dune theme. The Bottoms actress went along, nailing a perfect impression of the sound, which broke the whole cast into laughter, as you can see below:

The Hans Zimmer score for the well-reviewed Dune: Part 2 recently went viral on TikTok, along with the most dramatic 1-minute cameo of Anya-Taylor Joy in the film. In the edit, The Menu actress is dressed in robes, turning dramatically to stare at the camera with piercing blue eyes. People on the internet have been making jokes trying to mimic it ever since, but I think Ayo has them all beat. I need to see her version of the theme over that clip ASAP.

But I’m not the only one who appreciated her pop culture reference. Fans had the best reactions to the Theater Camp actress imitating the clip, and here are some of the best comments from Film Update's post about the video on X (formerly Twitter):

  • Hans Zimmer is SHAKING -Cameo
  • Hans? OUT. Ayo? IN. ???????????? -ladidaix
  • The more I see of Ayo the more I love her, how can you not stan. -Bleach4lyfe8
  • I could watch this on loop all day -GeorgeWine
  • Ayo’s such an amazing talent. -english_shamar

Even Warner Brothers, who produced Dune, chimed in on X, clearly impressed, writing:

The accuracy is crazy.

A lot of the comments wanted to make it clear too that they want the upcoming Dune 3 to include The Bear actress. I’d seriously consider it if I were them. I mean, she’s proven she can successfully do drama and comedy and now sci-fi too! I think this comment from @JackDMurphy on X perfectly sums up what we are all thinking:


No, there’s not, because she even directed an episode in the latest season of The Bear that recently premiered on the 2024 TV schedule, and fans are saying it is one of the best episodes of the show. You can watch the episode “Napkins” and the entire season now with a Hulu subscription

Then, to go and see just how spot-on her Dune theme recreation was, you can stream both parts of the sci-fi epic with a Max subscription