Elliot Page ‘grateful’ to be ‘alive’ after transition journey

Elliot Page ‘grateful’ to be ‘alive’ after transition journey

Elliot Page is “grateful” to be alive after such a “difficult” transition journey.

The actor, who came out as transgender in 2020, recently sat down with People to discuss his new memoir, “Pageboy,” which will cover everything from mental health to relationships and sex.

“There’s obviously been very difficult moments,” the “Juno” star told the outlet. “I do feel like I kind of barely made it in many ways. But today, I’m just me and grateful to be here and alive and taking one step at a time.”

Despite the stress of having to transition in the public eye, Page acknowledged that most of the trans community faces even more hardships.

Elliot Page.Elliot Page is detailing his “difficult” transition journey in his new memoir, “Pageboy.”Instagram/@elliotpageElliot Page signing a book.“I’m just me and grateful to be here and alive and taking one step at a time,” Page told People.Instagram/@elliotpage

“My experience as a trans person and this life I have, and the privilege I have does not represent the reality of most trans lives,” the 36-year-old said.

While his story may be unique, Page knows that doesn’t mean it’s not worth sharing.

“I think it’s crucial, I think we need to feel represented and see ourselves, you know, that’s not something I had like as a kid,” he said about the importance of LGBTQ+ visibility.

The cover of The tell-all memoir will be out on June 6.Instagram/@elliotpage

“The reality is, trans people disproportionately are unemployed, disproportionately experience homelessness,” he explained. “Trans women of color are being murdered. People are losing their healthcare or couldn’t access it.”

Page had debated writing a book for many years, but says due to the current political climate, he knew now was the right time.

“I think this period of not just hate, of course, but misinformation or just blatant lies about LGTBQ+ lives, about our healthcare, it felt like the right time,” the Oscar-nominated actor continued. “Trans and queer stories are so often picked apart, or worse, universalized.”

A shirtless selfie of Elliot PageEarlier this month, the actor revealed he is feeling better than ever in his body after getting top surgery. Instagram/@elliotpage

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The “Umbrella Academy” actor recently opened up about his past experiences with gender dysphoria, admitting that he feels better than ever in his body.

“Dysphoria used to be especially rife in the summer,” he captioned a shirtless selfie on Instagram earlier this month. “No layers, just a T-shirt – or layers and oh so sweaty – constantly looking down, readjusting my oversized T.

“It feels so f’ing good soaking in the sun now, I never thought I could experience this, the joy I feel in my body. I am so grateful for what gender affirming care has allowed me and I look forward to sharing more of my journey soon. #transjoy.”

A selfie of Elliot Page.The 36-year-old came out as transgender in 2020.Instagram/@elliotpage

The actor revealed that he had undergone top surgery to remove breast tissue in March 2021 — just three months after he came out as a trans man.

“It has completely transformed my life,” he said in an interview with Time magazine.

Although he explained that the operation did not define being trans, it made it possible for him to actually recognize himself in the mirror — and even more, feel confident in what he saw.

“Pageboy” will be released on June 6.