Elliot Page Had A Secret Same Sex Hook Up On ‘Juno’ Set

Elliot Page Had A Secret Same Sex Hook Up On ‘Juno’ Set

Elliot Page is sharing that he and his Juno co-star hooked many times during the several months that the movie was being filmed.

Who Was Elliot Page’s Hook-Up?

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The actor’s new book is proving to be juicy and exciting as he is revealing things that no one would have guessed. Ever. This week a little tidbit that dropped from Page’s book claims that he and co-star Olivia Thirlby had sex “all the time” while filming.

He was enamored with her as soon as he saw her. “I was taken aback the moment I saw Olivia Thirlby,” he writes in “Pageboy“. He admired that Thirlby was so secure in herself. She seemed “so much older, capable, and centered.

“Sexually open, far removed from where I was at the time. But the chemistry was palpable, it pulled me in,” Page continues.

Olivia Thirlby Hit On Elliot Page

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The actress was the bold one who approached Page and expressed how interested she was in her. Thirlby shocked Page in her hotel room with the revelation. She “looked directly at me and said point-blank, ‘I’m really attracted to you,’” recalls Page.

He confessed back that he too had feelings for Thirlby. They played best friends on screen but off camera something steamy was brewing between them. Once the confessions were loose, Page writes, “At that, we started sucking face. It was on.”

Page shared that his feelings for her were like a chemical reaction. “I had an all-encompassing desire for her, she made me want in a way that was new, hopeful. It was one of the first times someone would make me c-m, the first time I would open up.”

Elliot Page And Olivia Thirlby Couldn’t Stop Hooking Up

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The duo started a sexual relationship right then and there. They began hooking up “all the time,” he writes. “Her hotel room, in our trailers at work, once in a tiny, private room in a restaurant … We thought we were being subtle. Being intimate with Olivia helped my shame dissipate. I didn’t see a glint of it in her eyes and I wanted that — done feeling wretched about who I am.”

Thirlby hasn’t commented about the alleged hook-up, but she did come out as bisexual back in 2011. She is now married to Jacques Pienaar, a sound engineer who has worked on films like Chronicle, Green Lantern, and Love, Victor.

Elliot Page Claims Other Hook-Ups

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The actor’s book is blowing up a few people’s secrets ahead of the Thirlby news, Page claimed that he hooked up with actress Kate Mara during the time that she was in a very public relationship with Max Minghella.

In 2014, the two starred in X-Men: Days of Future Past together. Mara said, “I never thought I could be in love with two people, and now I know I can.” Page also claimed that a high-profile male actor was sexually abrupt with her.

While he didn’t name who it was, he did say that this person threatened or claimed they could make them not gay anymore. “I’m going to f—k you to make you realize you aren’t gay.” That same celeb also said to Page, “You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men.”

What other wild stories will come from this book?