Emily Blunt Humorously Reveals What The Office Fans Yell At Her When She’s Out With Husband John Krasinski

Emily Blunt Humorously Reveals What The Office Fans Yell At Her When She’s Out With Husband John Krasinski

The Office may have ended ten years ago, but there’s no denying the impact it still has on the zeitgeist. As new folks find and stream the NBC comedy and others continue to watch it over and over again, the love for the show and its cast remains strong and passionate. So, even though it’s been a decade, fans still walk up to the Jim actor, John Krasinski, and his wife Emily Blunt all the time, and tell them they wish he was with Pam. Luckily, the Oppenheimer star has a great sense of humor about it all as she humorously revealed that this still happens. 

Listen, Jim and Pam’s relationship is obviously one of the most iconic on television, and the couple is responsible for some of the most heartwarming moments on The Office. However, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski also have a lovely relationship, and they are a real-life couple. Speaking about the legacy of the NBC comedy and how it occasionally impacts how people see her marriage, The Devil Wears Prada star hilariously told Variety:

Whenever I walk beside him, people still shout out, ‘I wish you were with Pam.’ They ask, ‘Where’s Pam?’ and I’m like, ‘She’s not here.’ We adore Jenna; she’s one of our closest friends.

While Krasinski and Blunt are a beloved couple, who has also played a couple in A Quiet Place, I guess for some folks, Jim and Pam are their endgame, in both the worlds of fact and fiction. However, the two actors are able to get a good laugh out of it, as the Pain Hustlers star said when this happens, she’ll simply respond with a “she’s not here,” which is hilarious.

Considering this couple’s shared sense of humor, and their ability to poke fun at each other publicly, this response isn’t surprising. Along with seeing the endearing way John Krasinski looks at Emily Blunt, the two also joke with each other, like the time the actress shared her funny take on the Jim actor possibly being named Sexiest Man Alive last year. Like Jim and Pam, they are an adorable pair.

The actors really do have a lovely and hilarious relationship. They’ve been able to work together so well, Blunt said working on A Quiet Place 2 was so special, for example. They also seem to have a very healthy and heartfelt real-life relationship as they have been together since 2008. Overall, they seem hilariously wholesome, and that wholeheartedly includes how they react when fans tell them they wish Emily Blunt was actually Pam Beesley. 

Now, if you are looking to get your Jim and Pam fix, you can stream The Office with a Peacock subscription. Also, if you want to see what Emily Blunt has been up to, you can watch her two movies on the 2023 movie schedule, because the incredibly well-reviewed Oppenheimer is available to buy or rent and her new movie Pain Hustlers is available with a Netflix subscription