Fan Who Attacked WWE’s Seth Rollins Had Allegedly Threatened Him On Social Media

Fan Who Attacked WWE’s Seth Rollins Had Allegedly Threatened Him On Social Media

Monday night one of the most bizarre moments in WWE history occurred as some real punches were thrown at an event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. WWE star Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan on Monday night Raw. As Rollins was heading back to the backstage area a fan jumped onto the “stage” area where wrestlers come in and out of the dressing room. He ran down a ramp and launched himself at Rollins.

The wrestler was more or less quickly able to handle the situation getting the fan in a headlock. Also, referees and event security jumped in to subdue the man. Which, from the looks of things may have been for his own good. It didn’t look like he was going to win the fight. Elisah Spencer has been revealed to be the name of the man that attacked the wrestler, and he has some personal beef with Rollins.

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Bizarre Social Media Rumors Surfaced Around The Man Who Attacked Seth Rollins

This man Elisah Spencer spent the night in jail for the incident and was presumably discharged Tuesday. It was Tuesday that a video surfaced of a man who claims that he was the one that attacked Rollins. Elisah Spencer claims that he has some type of beef with Seth Rollins. According to multiple wrestling linked accounts on Twitter, the issue is that this man was potentially scammed out of hundreds of dollars by someone running a fake account who pretended to be Rollins. It would seem that as of Monday night this person indeed believed that it had been the wrestler himself who had scammed him. While most signs point to the fact that he was most likely catfished!

Sending Threats To Seth Rollins Through Social Media

[Photo via Mega Agency]Twitter user @notKHRIS or Steven Zoto claimed to have found the attacker’s IG page. He claims that there were some pretty disturbing threats made to Rollins through this account. Including a line that read,

“Its payback time for you say your last prayers and btw how your wife with her pregnancy.”

This same Twitter user has essentially spent the day sharing photos from the IG page to his Twitter account. He shared photos of this man’s conversations with the scammer pretending to be Seth Rollins. The pictures date back to 2019 which is potentially the year that the scam took place. Essentially since then, this person has planned an attack on Rollins.

Rollins Has Spoken Out About the Attack

Finally, Seth Rollins broke his silence and revealed his side of the story. He told TMZ that he was scared, but he was able to quickly defuse the situation. As we detailed, by getting the guy in a headlock and waiting for security to come in and subdue the fan. There has been no official word from WWE on updating safety procedures in the areas they visit. Rollins though mentioned,

“It’s terrifying, brother. It happened very quickly. I was mostly just reacting and hoping that our security would come and do their job. Which they did very quickly. And then was just trying to detach and move on. Hope that everybody is okay”