Fans Think ‘The Bachelor’s Kaity Biggar Is Hiding A Big Secret!

Fans Think ‘The Bachelor’s Kaity Biggar Is Hiding A Big Secret!

Could ‘Bachelor’ front-runner Kaity Biggar be hiding a big secret?

Biggar’s fun and quirky personality helped her become one of Zach Shallcross’s top three contestants on “The Bachelor” and a fan favorite! The duo had a memorable overnight date in a museum a la Ross and Rachel from “Friends,” and their visible early connection only grew stronger throughout the ensuing episodes.

Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” saw Biggar become one of Shallcross’ top two women, meaning Bachelor Nation could be seeing if Shallcross proposes to her in next week’s season finale!

Bachelor Nation fans have been getting their magnifying glasses out on Instagram; they took to Biggar’s latest photo and asked the 28-year-old a big question!

Biggar’s Possible Fairytale Ending Almost Wasn’t

Kaity Bigger and Zach Shallcross on The BachelorInstagram | Kaity Biggar

Biggar nearly did not make it to the final weeks of the ‘Bachelor’ season.

The Blast recently looked at Biggar’s feelings toward the possibility of making the big leap into the land of roses and mansions; earlier this month, she appeared on Bachelor Nation’s “Click Bait” podcast and gave all of the details.

Biggar was candid in sharing how her nerves took over.

“But when I first got the email,” she recalled to [Grocery Store] Joe Amabile and Aaron Clancey, “I thought it was spam, and I told my friend, ‘Look at this, this is so funny,’ and she was like, ‘No, Kaity, I actually think it’s serious.’ “And I was like, ‘Oh s**t, okay.”

Biggar also shared how she had been nominated for the show by her aunt Jill!

“And then actually, I wasn’t going to come,” she continued. “I think it was when I got the official phone call, like the green light and the thumbs up, I was shaking in my boots. I was like, “I don’t think I’m going to come.’ “[That’s] not a good look, obviously. So yeah, I was extremely apprehensive.”

The ‘Bachelor’ frontrunner shared how she had little to no knowledge about Bachelor Nation before her big phone call. She told Clancey she had seen his season, but hadn’t invested a lot of time in watching Shallcross’ original season of “The Bachelorette.”

“I didn’t really watch that much,” Biggar said, of the latest ‘Bachelorette’ season.

Going From A Bachelor Nation Newbie To A Potential Bride-To-Be?


Luckily for Biggar, she revealed she had seen Shallcross’ photo and remarked his face was “super handsome.”

Biggar’s relationship with her “super handsome” ‘Bachelor’ boy went swimmingly enough for Bachelor Nation to get to know her quirky self, but also for her to become part of his final two contestants.

Following the airing of Monday night’s episode wherein Biggar had been hurt and blindsided by Shallcross’ revelation he had been intimate with another contestant despite his previous promise not to bump uglies, eagle-eyed Instagram followers spotted a potentially telling factor: Biggar’s left hand was out of the camera’s view!

In the photo of Biggar hanging with some besties in her home base of Ontario, commentators filled its comment section with questions.

“I see your left hand is hidden,” one of Biggar’s followers remarked. “is there a big rock on it???”

“Katiy…. [sic] why are you hiding the left hand [heart eyes and winking emojis]”

“strategically hiding that left hand,” another Bachelor Nation fan pointed out.

“can’t wait to see your engagement ring [winking emoji],” another one of Biggar’s followers excitedly wrote.

“Hashtag bachelor party [grinning, heart, streamers, and thumbs up emoji],” another follower commented.

“If Zach doesn’t propose to you!! I’m no longer a Zach fan,” another follower wrote.

Not every one of Biggar’s followers was ready to be on wedding watch! Many of them offered their opinions on Biggar’s reaction to Shallcross breaking his ‘no sex’ rule.

“Sending you love. That looked like the date from hell. You deserve more than he could ever offer [heart emoji]”

“I’m so disappointed in you! I have been such a fan of you and Zach this whole season but after seeing what he did and how he disrespected you I really think you could do so much better,” a follower wrote. “I adore you I wish you had more self-respect.”

“Can I just say I’m watching the show tonight and it makes me mad that Zach told you on y’all’s date [angry emoji],” another follower chimed in.

“Oh yes I felt so sorry for you tonight with Zach’s self-sabotage confession,” a follower wrote. “No need for that. I think it’s a new thing to tell the others when there’s been sex. Never used to be that way. Hopefully he kept apologizing,” they concluded.

The season finale for Zach Shallcross’ ‘Bachelor’ season will air next Monday, March 27th, and will be three hours long, according to Hidden Remote!