Farrah Abraham Warns Fans: ‘Don’t Call CPS On Me’

Farrah Abraham Warns Fans: ‘Don’t Call CPS On Me’

Farrah Abraham’s face is forever changing.

The former MTV reality TV star SHOOK fans to the core in a new TikTok video. The entrepreneur’s face looks completely unrecognizable.

Farrah and her 13-year-old daughter Sophia took part in the “Tortilla Challenge” on the social media platform.

See Farrah’s Unrecognizable Face!

Basically, two or more people fill their mouths up with water and take turns smacking each other across the face with a tortilla.

Whoever laughs first or spits out water first loses the challenge.

Farrah wins the rock, paper, scissors battle and smacks Sophia in the face. Both of them immediately spit out their water.

“I almost drownded myself with that water,” a very stiff-faced Farrah said. “I’m not a swimmer. I’m not a swimmer.”

The mother-daughter duo go for round two, but not before Farrah states she doesn’t want to get in trouble for “child abuse.”

Farrah Asks Fans To Refrain From Calling Child Protective Services

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Sophia doesn’t wait for her mom to play rock, paper, scissors and smacks her repeatedly across the face. The “Teen Mom” star retaliates, but ends up swinging and missing her daughter’s face.

She captioned the video, “So good to have @sophialabraham back home from camp (dont call ☎️ cps on me ).”

‘CPS’ stands for Child Protective Services.

Child protective services is the name of a government agency in many states of the United States responsible for providing child protection, which includes responding to reports of child abuse or neglect.

Many of her followers and viewers were not concerned about Sophia’s well-being, but rather the well-being of Farrah’s face.

Countless TikTok users commented on the video in shock.

Viewers Could NOT Believe What They Were Seeing Was Farrah!

“When I tell you my mouth dropped when I realized who they were,” one person commented.

“It took me a while to realize who these people were…” another bewildered user wrote.

“Jump scare, did NOTTTT realize this was Farrah until heard the voice,” one of the many comments read.

One person replied, “Omg! I didn’t even recognize Farrah! Holy work done!”

“Farrah been sleeping next to a bees nest,” a commenter joked.

“Omg is it just me or does Farrah look like mommy dearest,” someone else replied.