Former Bachelor Sean Lowe Pitches A Hallmark Christmas Movie Starring His Family, And I Love The Plot Twist At The End

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe Pitches A Hallmark Christmas Movie Starring His Family, And I Love The Plot Twist At The End

Christmas may still be a few weeks away, but holiday movie season is in full swing on networks like Hallmark, Lifetime and Great American Family. Those TV rom-coms sure have a few things to teach us about life, especially in regards to how to turn a meet-cute into your endgame. Sean Lowe knows a thing or two about that, as he and wife Catherine Guidici fell in love on Season 17 of The Bachelor back in 2013, and he had a pretty good idea for a Hallmark Christmas movie that stars the couple and their three kids.

The idea for Sean Lowe’s holiday movie was actually prompted by his wife, who posted a holiday card of her camera-ready family to Instagram, showing the reality TV couple and their three children: Samuel, Isaiah, and Mia. You can see their stunning family pic below:

In the caption, Catherine Giudici asked her followers to pitch a title and plot for a Hallmark movie that would star the family of five. Amongst all of the comments was one from her husband, but rather than tell their own real-life love story, which culminated in a live TV wedding special on ABC, Sean Lowe got creative with what they could do for the family-friendly network, writing: 

She’s a single mother of 3 who owns a coffee shop in a small town and he’s a bad boy, marketing exec from the city. After his car breaks down and he wanders into her little cafe, he quickly dismisses her and her town because he needs the fast paced life only the city can provide. Well, as he spends a few days in the town waiting for his car to be repaired, he realizes he’s falling in love with the most beautiful woman and she offers something he never knew he needed in his life.

Honestly, this totally sounds like a synopsis I might read on the list of upcoming Hallmark movies, so I think Sean Lowe nailed it here. However, things took a pretty unconventional turn at the end, and I’m here for the plot twist, because it's one you definitely wouldn't expect to see in one of these Christmas movies. The former Bachelor continued: 

After some serious soul searching, he discovers that not even she is worth the headache that those 3 kids bring so he hightails it back to the city after taking pictures in the park.

Sean Lowe may be injecting a little too much realism into his faux pitch, because these Hallmark movies tend to work best if you don’t overthink them. I do appreciate that he snuck the park pictures in at the end, though. He understood the assignment.

Truth be told, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have a lot to be proud of with their love story. While The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise have produced some successful couples, Lowe is the only Bachelor lead to make it to the altar with the woman he proposed to, as most couples who get engaged at the end of the show don’t last. The Lowes, meanwhile, have stood the test of time and will celebrate their 10-year anniversary in January.

Hopefully Hallmark is paying attention, because I think Sean Lowe is onto something with this pitch. I'd love to see him and/or Catherine in one of these flicks next year, but in the meantime, you can get your fill of holiday cheer with any of the offerings on the 2023 Christmas movie schedule