‘Friends’ Actor Mike Hagerty Cause Of Death Revealed

‘Friends’ Actor Mike Hagerty Cause Of Death Revealed

Actor Mike Hagerty is just another one of the many beloved celebrities who passed away in 2022. He was only 67 years old when he died.

“Somebody Somewhere” costar Bridget Everett released a statement on Twitter, saying, “With great sadness, the family of Michael G. Hagerty announced his death yesterday in Los Angeles. A beloved character actor, his love of his hometown of Chicago and his family were the cornerstones of his life.”

“Mike, a devoted husband, is survived by his wife Mary Kathryn, his sister Mary Ann Hagerty, her wife Kathleen O’Rourke, and their daughter Meg,” the statement concluded. “He will be sorely missed.”

On Sunday, his tragic cause of death was finally revealed to the world through TMZ.

Mike Hagerty Tragic Cause Of Death Revealed


TMZ reported that the “Friends” actor passed away from an adverse reaction to an antibiotic while in the hospital, which caused him to lapse into a coma before he passed away.

A source told the outlet that Mike got an infection in one of his legs back in April. Although he recovered, his energy levels were reported to be “really low” while he was filming the second season of his hit HBO show “Somebody Somewhere.” His doctor sent him to the hospital to be re-examined.

Unfortunately, he had a bad reaction to the antibiotic they gave him, which caused him to have a seizure and enter a coma. He passed away last week.

In addition to his roles on “Somebody Somewhere” and “Friends,” he also appeared in a plethora of other shows, including “Boston Legal,” “Cheers, “Glee,” “Seinfeld,” “CSI,” and many more.

Many took to social media to pay tribute to the beloved actor.

HBO & More Remember The Late Mike Hagerty

He was best known for his role in “Friends” and in HBO’s “Somebody Somewhere,” in which Hagerty starred. “We are very saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Mike Hagerty,” the network tweeted. “A member of the HBO family for many years, his most recent role as Bridget Everett’s father in ‘Somebody Somewhere’ showed his special talent for bringing heart to a performance. Mike was a joy to work with and brought warmth and kindness to all who knew him. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Everett also posted a touching tribute to the late actor on Instagram. “I loved Mike the instant i met him,” wrote the actress alongside a series of snaps. “He was so special. Warm, funny, never met a stranger. We are devastated he has passed. Mike was adored by the entire cast and crew of Somebody Somewhere. Our thoughts are with his wife and family.”

Film director and writer Jay Duplass also expressed his condolences for the late actor, tweeting, “Mike Hagerty was a great actor and a great man. I’m going to miss him. He lives forever in our hearts.”

Lucille Marie Pens A Long & Touching Tribute To Late Costar

Mike HagertyInstagram / myfriendscallmelucy

On Instagram, Lucille Marie penned a touching tribute to the late Mike Hagerty.

“2022 hasn’t been kind,” she began. “It’s taken people from me. Important people – people who changed my life. People who left far too soon. My hearts broken & desperately trying to glue itself back together…but it shattered once again this morning…”

“The one & only Mike Hagerty – the sweetest, kindest, funniest most adoring man that I had the pleasure to work with last summer has passed,” she continued. “My eyes filled with tears immediately when I learned he was gone…”

“I was just a few weeks away from seeing him again on set of HBO’s Somebody Somewhere Season 2. I was so excited,” she explained. “Everyday last summer, I was thrilled when Mike would be on set – it meant I was in for a day of stories about old school Hollywood (as he knew of my love for Lucille Ball) & fun banter with his wonderful wife Mary Kathryn (who always accompanied him on set.)”

“From the moment I met Mike – I knew he was special – I loved him greatly,” she continued. “I was so grateful to be working with him – a man loved by many for his work in notable shows like Friends (playing the building superintendent.)”

“My thoughts are with his wife & family,” she added. “Her and I would laugh together over Mikes little antics but the one thing I’ll always hold close to my heart…is the memory on the farm walking Mike & his wife to one of our vans as they were wrapped for the day & Mike yelling over to his wife ‘Mary Kathryn take a photo of Lucy & I’ – my heart nearly exploding at the thought he wanted a photo with me…just goes to show how sweet this man truly was❤️”