George Santos earning so much on Cameo, he picks up tab for entire NYC restaurant while hanging with Rep. Lauren Boebert

George Santos earning so much on Cameo, he picks up tab for entire NYC restaurant while hanging with Rep. Lauren Boebert

George Santos is making so much dough on Cameo — he bought pizza for an entire NYC restaurant on Saturday night.

The ousted pol was hanging with “ball of energy” Rep. Lauren Boebert, and they were like “two peas in a pod” at the late-night party, we hear.

A source saw Santos — who was expelled from Congress this week after a scathing ethics report he “blatantly stole” campaign funds used for OnlyFans and Botox — at the popular Beach Café on the Upper East Side.

Also at the bash were controversial Colorado pol Boebert and Rep. Byron Donalds, the Florida pol who opposed Santos expulsion.

The trio was attending an after-afterparty following an event sponsored by the New York Young Republican Club, where Donald Trump had addressed a raucous crowd.

But Santos is now raking in enough moolah after his ouster to treat his pals and about 35 guests to pizza at the party.

An insider said of Santos: “He is making big bucks on Cameo,” making personalized videos for about $600 a pop.

George Santos and Rep. Lauren Boebert were like “two peas in a pod,” we hear. REUTERS

The source said that Santos was telling guests at the party on Saturday night that, “he took 140 orders yesterday at $599 per order,” for the Cameo fan videos.

That’s $83,860 in just a day.

Then again, our source said, “Now, it’s George telling people this, so…”

The Long Island Republican had of course famously fudged his educational and professional credentials.

Santos has said he’s making more via Cameo videos than he did in politics. Getty Images

The source said of Santos at the bash that went till the wee hours, “He did pick up the check and bought pizza for everyone in the joint!”

Apparently the group rolled in late, so the Beach Café kitchen was closed, and, “George ordered in from his favorite pizza place around the corner who delivered the pies,” said a source.

Also at the eatery, we hear that Boebert “was a ball of energy” and “loves the New York vibe,” a witness said.

A source said Boebert “was a ball of energy” at the bash. Getty Images

“She was having a blast hanging with her bestie…. she and George are like two peas in a pod.”

The party went till the sun came up, we hear. Owner Dave Goodside’s popular restaurant is known as a powerhouse political hangout.

The scene was, “Mostly a lot of laughs with people taking kind-hearted shots at each other,” after the earlier political event in Midtown.

Rep. Byron Donalds opposed Santos’ ouster. Getty Images

Boebert is controversial herself after she was infamously booted after vaping on a handsy date during a Denver showing of “Beetlejuice,” and causing a disruption in the audience.

Her reelection campaign was later also accused of spending hundreds for an event at a bar co-owned by the man she was seen fondling during the Denver performance.

Her campaign did not comment to The Post about the allegations.

Santos bought pizza for an entire party, we hear. Getty Images

Santos also told CBS New York that he’s making more than he ever did in politics via the Cameo videos.

“I can tell you that by the end of this week, that is actually factual. I will have made more money in seven days than I would’ve made in an entire year in Congress,” Santos said on Dec. 8.

Santos had previously said of his expulsion, “[I]f I leave, they win… If I leave, the bullies take place — this is bullying.”