Gerry Turner Confirms The Old People Are ‘Knockin’ Boots’ On Upcoming ‘Golden Bachelor’

Gerry Turner Confirms The Old People Are ‘Knockin’ Boots’ On Upcoming ‘Golden Bachelor’

72-year-old Gerry Turner is preparing for his “Golden Bachelor” journey to air.

Turner will be the first-ever “Golden Bachelor” and now he is opening up on how Fantasy Suites went during his time.

Gerry Turner Is ‘Knockin’ Boots’ During Fantasy Suite Week

'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner Opens Up About His Ideal PartnerInstagram | ABC

As “The Golden Bachelor” is just days away from debuting, fans are looking forward to how this show may differ from others within the franchise, including how Fantasy Suites may go.

While production didn’t want to give too much away, the team did confirm the show had at least one overnight date.

“This is the first time we’ve ever heard someone say, ‘I have to consider what my grandchildren will think’ before they go into a Fantasy Suite,” executive producer Bennett Graebner told Entertainment Weekly. “I really love that Gerry and the women are open to that experience. But I don’t know if I want to hear the term ‘knockin’ boots’ again. I think I’ve heard it enough.”

Turner himself then chimed in with an explanation for why he used the “knockin’ boots” reference in the past. “I guess what I was trying to do is avoid some of the cliche phrases about physical intimacy, and maybe I did just the opposite,” the future “Golden Bachelor” lead explained with a laugh.

He continued to talk about Fantasy Suites, and what makes them so important for him. “The Fantasy Suites were about connecting intellectually and emotionally, and not about connecting physically,” he said before adding, “I guess with some age and wisdom you realize that the most important and lasting things that you’re looking for in a relationship come from areas other than physical intimacy.”

Fantasy Suites Will Look ‘Quite Different’

Gerry Turner Says What He's Excited For On 'Golden Bachelor'Instagram | Gerry Turner

Before Turner experienced his Fantasy Suites for himself, he opened up about how he assumed the overnight dates would “look quite different” than on a typical “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” season.

“I just think that a Fantasy Suite for someone of my age may look quite different,” Turner told ET ahead of his “Golden Bachelor” journey. “The activities could be quite different than for someone in their 20s and 30s.”

He went on to explain that the potential Fantasy Suite activities “really don’t” make him nervous, adding that “they make my daughters a lot more nervous than me.” The 72-year-old lead shares two daughters, Angie and Jenny, with his late wife, Toni, He is also the grandfather to two girls, Charlee and Payton.

Who Is Gerry Turner?

'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner Opens Up About His Ideal PartnerInstagram | ABC

72-year-old Gerry Turner is a “retired restaurateur and doting father and grandfather, Gerry [GAIR-ee] Turner lives in his dream house on a beautiful lake in Indiana,” according to ABC. “He’s often busy hosting barbecues, playing pickleball, cheering on his favorite Chicago sports teams, four-wheeling, and spending time with friends and family at restaurants and local haunts.”

ABC’s press release continued, “Always a romantic, Turner married his high school sweetheart, Toni, in 1974. Together, they lived a full and happy life with their two daughters, Angie and Jenny, and later two granddaughters, Charlee and Payton. Sadly, after their 43 years together, Toni suddenly fell ill and passed away in 2017.”

“Six years after Toni’s passing and with the support of his family, Turner is ready to put himself out there and find a love that will stand the test of time in his golden years,” ABC concluded.

The 72-year-old recently said he is looking forward to the new chapter in his life, telling the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, “I want to enjoy every moment. I want to be able to make a mental note or write in a log book at night some of the day’s high points, and remember those moments. And if I can do that, it will be pretty fun.”

The new series will air this fall on ABC, beginning on Thursday, September 28.