Ghosts: Will Jay Ever Be Able To Interact With All The Ghosts? Utkarsh Ambudkar Shared His Thoughts On It With Me

Ghosts: Will Jay Ever Be Able To Interact With All The Ghosts? Utkarsh Ambudkar Shared His Thoughts On It With Me

Spoilers for Ghosts Season 3 are ahead. If you aren’t caught up, you can stream the episodes that have aired on the 2024 TV schedule with a Paramount+ subscription

The longest-running gag on Ghosts is the fact that Jay can’t see the spirits and his wife Sam can. It’s created a hilarious dynamic between Utkarsh Ambudkar’s character and the rest of the ensemble. However, there’s always a lingering question of if Jay will ever be able to interact with all the ghosts. So, considering this and some game-changing developments in Season 3, when I had the chance to interview Ambudkar, he told me his thoughts on the matter. 

Right off the bat, Season 3 of Ghosts made some big choices that have changed the dynamic in the manner. In the premiere, it was revealed that Flower got sucked off, and in Episode 2, we learned that Sass can directly communicate with Jay by entering his dreams. So, this begs the question: Will another big development happen, and will it involve Jay being able to interact with all the ghosts? Here’s what Utkarsh Ambudkar told CinemaBlend about it:

"All of these things are big, big world-changing moments. And they feel like all of them would be like a new season, right? So as we hopefully -- knock wood -- continue to bring this show to people every Thursday for years to come, I imagine all of these things will be on the table. So it's an exciting idea, I think right now. The thing about this show that's been so genuinely fun is they know when and how to slowly sort of give this information out. And I think it's special that Jay eases his way into this world, if that's what they want to do."

Like Ambudkar, co-showrunner Joe Wiseman told CinemaBlend in 2022 that it’s “nicer” when Jay can’t see the ghosts. He went on to say that he likes the dynamic between Sam and Jay, and that it’s “sweet” that Sam is always filling him in. 

Personally, I understand where both Ambudkar and Wiseman are coming from. The joke that Jay can’t see the ghosts never gets old. As, the actor himself told me, shooting the scenes with the entire cast where he has to pretend he can’t hear or see them are a blast:

"Oh, man, that's a daily challenge. It's it's a daily occurrence. I'll say every time all of the ghosts and Sam and I, Rose [McIver] and I, are in a room together, I can imagine our first AD and our crew just rolling their eyes behind the camera, just like ‘Can we actually get to shooting what we're supposed to shoot?’ Because we're having such a good time. We really are."

However, it has been fun to see Jay slowly get to know the ghosts without Sam acting as a middleman. Seeing him interact with Sass through the dreams was a blast, and it created a dynamic on the show that we hadn’t seen before. Whether it’s the pantless Trevor, his bestie Pete or even the basement ghosts, I’d love to see the show find more creative ways for Jay to interact directly with the spirits of the manner. 

To see if Jay gets closer to communicating one-on-one with more ghosts, you can catch new episodes of Ghosts every Thursday on CBS at 8:30 p.m. ET or stream them the next day on Paramount+.