Gina Carano Tells Joe Rogan About A Time She Was ‘Instantly Disrespected’

Gina Carano Tells Joe Rogan About A Time She Was ‘Instantly Disrespected’

Former MMA fighter Gina Carano recently sat down with Joe Rogan on a recent episode of his Spotify podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” to talk about a time when she was “instantly disrespected.”

Apparently, Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano almost got together for a fight years ago, but Carano alleged that UFC President Dana White was being disrespectful to her, and so she shut down the possibility of a potential return to the MMA.

Gina Carano, Ronda Rousey, and the Fight That ALMOST Was!

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According to Sports Keeda, the former “Star Wars” actress asked White to keep her potential fight with Rousey a secret until she found a new MMA gym. However, Carano alleges that White then sent her an expletive-filled text message, accusing her of “f—ing around.”

Carano told the former “Fear Factor” host that White “something pretty aggressive over texts which I’m sure you know, he does that.”

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“And I was just like ‘Okay, I’m not going to do that.’ It was very simple for me,” she said. “That was going to be something for me, and I was excited to be back in that world and excited to do something like that. I respect Ronda and thought that was exciting. But you just can’t go back in that world and feel instantly disrespected on so many levels.”

“So I was like ‘I’m cool, I’m going to go,’ and then another movie came up and I was like ‘Sweet, I’ll just go do this movie.’ I don’t need to be disrespected, you know?” she asked.

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Gina Carano has several acting credits under her belt, but made headlines when Disney fired her from “The Mandalorian” due to her controversial messages on social media, including backing claims of election fraud, mask-wearing, and the dangers of vaccines.

Believe it or not, Joe Rogan, who has been under fire for spreading vaccine and COVID-19 misinformation on his Spotify podcast earlier this year, actually shut down some of Carano’s comments about the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Joe Rogan Counters Gina Carano’s Statements About COVID-19

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According to Mediaite, Carano and Rogan got into a disagreement about the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, that closed the doors on the entertainment industry and left many without work.

“I find it really hard to believe that they — the people that shut us down, you know, some of the most intelligent people — far more intelligent than I could ever imagine, didn’t know by taking people’s jobs away from them, taking their consistency, taking their livelihoods and saying ‘We’re gonna pay you and keep you home,’ wasn’t gonna affect people’s addictions,” Carano claimed. “Wasn’t gonna affect people’s suicides, purpose, you know, because I’m my best felt — I’m my best self when I’m working.”

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“When you take, like, a bus driver, when you take somebody who’s been doing a job for 25 years and you take that away from them and you put them at home and now all of a sudden they’re faced with their families and they’re faced with themselves,” she continued. “It’s like a responsibility that you just, you just took away their structure. So I just really find it hard to believe that this wasn’t on purpose.”

However, Rogan disagreed and didn’t think that it was “on purpose” at all.


“I don’t think it was on purpose,” Rogan interjected. “I think you’re dealing with Monday morning quarterbacking. And I think people are looking at it and going ‘How’d they not know this and how’d they not know that.’”

“I think you’re giving these people way too much credit,” he continued. “Smart people don’t want to be in government. Smart people want to be CEOs of giant companies and make s—loads of cash.”

Gina Carano doubled down on her view that the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown was specifically put in place to deteriorate people’s mental health.

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“I don’t think they knew. I think they were in a panic and I think they shut everyone down,” Rogan countered. “And I think they like controlling people and telling people what to do and they didn’t want to give up control. But I think some states were like, ‘F— that, get back to work. We need to live. We need to give people the freedom.’”

Carano also talked about vaccine mandates and revealed that she even considered suing her union over the issue. “How are they still mandating this in anything?” she asked. “And I think that the people that are mandating it need to be made an example out of.”

When Rogan replied, “I think they do it because they think it’s the right thing to do,” Carano responded, “You have such a more positive outlook than I do.”


Rogan clarified that he was just trying to be “objective,” saying, “I try to look at everything objectively.” When Carano asked him what he meant, Rogan explained, “I don’t look at it in terms of what the answer that I want to be correct.”

“I don’t look at it like, oh, I’m suspicious because I go, well, what are the actual facts?” he continued. “Why would people do this? And why would people do that?”