Golfer Grace Charis Puts On A Nippy Display In Her Blue Crop Top

Golfer Grace Charis Puts On A Nippy Display In Her Blue Crop Top

Model Grace Charis started golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and hasn’t been able to stop since!

The OnlyFans model doesn’t usually golf with a bra on and can create quite a nippy display for her followers, especially when it’s cold outside!

OnlyFans Model And Golfer Grace Charis Puts On A Nippy Display In Her Braless Crop Top

In her latest Instagram post, it seems that Grace is trying to golf on a cold and windy day, as her microphone keeps picking up feedback from the wind. Regardless, Grace got “this close” with her shot as she takes a swing in her navy blue crop top.

It’s pretty clear that Grace isn’t wearing a bra underneath her tank top, which she partnered with a black mini skirt, white sneakers, and a black visor. She accessorized her look with her usual shark tooth necklace and wore her hair braided back into pigtails on either side of her head.

Grace Charis golfs in her busty crop topInstagram | Grace Charis

In the caption, Grace joked, “No Phil Mickelson but I got to the green.” One fan asked, “Who cares about the shot???” while another follower added, “That looks cold af.” A third fan asked her, “Yo, what’d you spill on your shirt?” referring to the small stain that can be seen on the left side of Grace’s shirt as she talks into the camera at the beginning of the video.

“How the h— are you that good at golf and that freaking sexy?” another follower asked. “You gotta keep playing so these haters have no ammo. Nice shot,” another fan commented, referring to the trolls who had a lot to say about her “flop shot.”

Grace Shows Off Her Golf Game In Kapalua, Hawaii!

In another recent Instagram video, Grace headed to the bay course in Kapalua, Hawaii. It looked to be a bit warmer in Hawaii, but she still didn’t seem to be wearing a bra underneath her plum-colored tank top with a plunging neckline. She accessorized her look with another black mini-skirt and a black visor.

In the video, Grace takes a swing on hole nine and is so happy to see that she made it over the bunker. Although her critics were vocal about how she used to show videos of her swinging and never actually hitting a ball, she has been determined to prove them wrong by posting videos of her golf game.

Grace Charis golfs in HawaiiInstagram | Grace Charis

Grace shares footage of her every step of the way, including getting the ball in the hole during her last putt. In the caption, she wrote, “Very fun course to play, lots of trees tho but the views made up for that.” In the video, she pointed out that the ocean could be seen in the distance behind her.

“The views are always the best part,” one fan commented. “Makes me want to go visit this place,” another follower agreed. “Do other golfers find it annoying waiting for the videos to be shot or do they enjoy the view?” a third fan asked. “Great job,” another follower wrote while another fan assured her, “You’re getting better and better all the time.”

‘Island Golf Girl’ Grace Charis Shares Some Fun Shots From Hawaii!

Grace Charis golfs in her busty crop top in HawaiiInstagram | Grace Charis

In another Instagram post, Grace shared a few fun photos from the Kapalua Golf Bay Course. In one photo, she is standing beside the hole as she holds up a golf ball in her hand. She is wearing a pink crop top along with a gray skirt to match her gray visor. She had a lei around her neck to compliment her shark tooth necklace.

In the caption, Grace wrote, “Island golf girl” while fans had a lot of fun joking about her lei. “Have all the jokes about you getting lei’d been used already?” one fan asked. Regardless, there were a lot of fans that just wanted to compliment her on her stunning photos.

Grace Charis golfs in her busty crop top in HawaiiInstagram | Grace Charis

“You go girl,” one fan wrote. “I can watch you golf all day,” another follower wrote. “Love you, gorgeous,” a third fan gushed. “Charming island golf girl,” another follower chimed in. “You have the best smile,” another fan commented. “Looking so gorgeous. Awesome outfit,” another follower as another fan added, “You are so very amazingly beautiful.”

Interested in more Grace Charis content? Fans just can’t get enough of the popular model! In another Instagram post, the golfer revealed she used to do ballet and shared a throwback video with her fans, who can check out that video by clicking here!