Golfer Grace Charis Reveals She Used To Do Ballet!

Golfer Grace Charis Reveals She Used To Do Ballet!

Golfer Grace Charis is an OnlyFans model who took up golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic as a hobby.

Although her Instagram page is full of videos that show her swinging a club on the golf course, Grace recently revealed that not only did she used to do ballet, but she also attends San Diego Comic-Con each year!

Golfer Grace Charis Shares A Throwback From Her Ballet Days!

In her latest Instagram post, Grace shared a few photos from 2015 that showed a much younger Grace smiling in a few photos with friends. The camera then flips to now, which shows Grace swinging a club with a lei around her neck. In the caption, Grace wrote, “Once a nerd always a nerd and yes I did ballet.”

“Where are them … attending comic con … pictures? Asking for a friend,” one fan commented. “Haha I got to SDCC every year. The first one was at vidcon,” Grace replied. “SDCC is nothing but trouble because Tijuana is a hop and a skip away. NYCC, on the other hand, is a lot safer,” the fan replied, but Grace didn’t respond.

Grace Charis reveals she used to do balletInstagram | Grace Charis

“That’s really cool,” another follower commented. “Okay, that was a great evolution,” another fan chimed in. “Quite a glow up,” another follower wrote. “Awe! From a cutie to an absolute stunner!” another fan gushed. “Such a sweet young lady,” another follower wrote. “Always adorable,” another fan added.

There were some critical comments on her post. “Omg, she learned to golf, revolutionary,” one user commented. “So how old were you when you had surgery?” another user asked. “Once upon a time hen you were not an escort yet,” another user added. Fortunately, fans were quick to come to her defense, with one follower writing, “Why do all these people follow her just to post mean things? She’s a person yo, take it easy.”

Is Grace Charis Golfing In Hawaii?

A day before her throwback post, the social media sensation posted another Instagram post that featured her sinking in a putt on the golf course along the green. It looks like she might be in Hawaii, considering she is wearing a tropical lei around her neck.

She is also wearing the tiny pink crop top that she is known for, along with a gray skirt to match her gray visor. She has a golfer’s glove sticking out of the hem of her skirt as she puts her toned abs on display in her outfit. In the caption, Grace teased, “Maybe I’m obsessed with you.”

Grace Charis Golfing in HawaiiInstagram | Grace Charis

“GG. Wonder why she’s in Hawaii,” one fan commented. “Oh no, don’t putt with the flag in!” another follower exclaimed. “Yeah how many takes did that take … pun intended lol,” another fan shared. “Kapalua never looked more beautiful,” another follower gushed. “The follow-through and downswing were lovely,” another fan chimed in.

“Kapalua Bay Course is a great course. This par 3 has an awesome view. Tee off across the ocean. I birdied this hole, the green is pretty much straight in,” another follower shared. “I’ve never been a golf person… but I’m coming around to it!” another fan wrote. “Good job! And I hope you are obsessed with me lol! That’s all I ever wanted!” another fan gushed.

Grace Charis Wants To Know Who Is Ready To Go Golfing!

Grace Charis poses against a golf cartInstagram | Grace Charis

In yet another Instagram post, the popular model shared a few photos that feature her posing up against her golf cart. She is wearing another crop top with a plunging neckline along with a black skirt and a white visor. In the caption, she asked her followers, “Whose ready to go golfing?”

“Who’s,” one fan corrected her. “I would go anywhere with you. Just name the time and the place,” another follower wrote. “I will be once the snow is gone,” a third fan shared. “Just finished a round in the simulator! I can’t wait for warmer weather!”

Grace Charis golfing in a crop topInstagram | Grace Charis

“Go get them gorgeous! You’ll rock them in that crop top!” another fan gushed. “Absolute goddess,” another follower wrote. “I love this. Hottest golf girl ever,” another fan chimed in. “Love the shark tooth necklace,” another follower wrote while other fans praised her “long legs” and “beautiful smile.”

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