‘Good Trouble’ Sisters React To Series Ending, Give Thanks To All

‘Good Trouble’ Sisters React To Series Ending, Give Thanks To All

Good Trouble, the Freeform drama set in Los Angeles, is going off the air after its Season 5.

The storyline follows sisters Callie and Mariana as they struggle to make it in the big city. Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez, the actresses playing Callie and Mariana Foster and also serve as executive producers, have taken to Instagram to salute each other and the series.

“10 years of making TV with my best friend,” Mitchell wrote on Friday night, beneath a photo of the co-stars. “Could not be more proud of you [Cierra].”

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Ramirez was equally effusive.

“So many emotions right now after hearing that our beloved show, Good Trouble, has come to an end,” Ramirez wrote in her own heartfelt post on Instagram. “The greatest one of all, being gratitude.”

She called Mariana her “favorite piece of work.”

“It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to play a character on a show for 10+ years that has helped get important conversations started, pushed for transformative change in the world, & has inspired people to be themselves & find a place of comfort,” she wrote.

Ramirez talked about her character’s impact. “I can’t tell if there’s a part of me in you, or if you ARE me at this point, but nonetheless I will alwaysssss carry your sass, resilience & willingness to give to others. Oh, & you best believe I’ll never let someone tell me I can’t do something l’ve set my mind to.”

Ramirez thanked everyone of the show’s team, calling the crew the “TRUE stars of the series.”

Good Trouble returns to the air for its final run on Jan. 2.