Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Sweet Tribute For Daughter Apple’s 18th Birthday: ‘I Was Born The Day You Were Born’

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Sweet Tribute For Daughter Apple’s 18th Birthday: ‘I Was Born The Day You Were Born’

“Goop” founder and loving mother-of-two Gwyneth Paltrow affectionately marked a significant milestone of one of her kids with the most beautiful words imaginable.

Paltrow’s two adorable children are from her previous marriage to Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Her firstborn is Apple Blythe Martin welcomed on May 14, 2004, while she gave birth to her second child Moses Martin on April 8, 2006.   

Apple recently clocked the significant year 18, and her mother celebrated the special day with a heartfelt message on Instagram, expressing how much she loves her daughter.

Gwyneth Paltrow Honors Daughter Apple On Her 18th Birthday

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“18,” the movie star began the lengthy celebratory message that read, “I’m a bit of a loss for words this morning (crying emoji). I could not be more proud of the woman you are.” 

She continued writing, “You are everything I could have dreamed of and so much more. Proud doesn’t cover it, my heart swells with feelings I can’t put in to words. You are deeply extraordinary in every way.”

Paltrow went on to wish her baby girl a happy birthday while also noting that she hoped Apple knew how special she was and the impact of her presence in the lives of people who were lucky to know her. The beautiful message concluded with:

“I say it all the time, and I will never stop…in the words of auntie Drew, I was born the day you were born. I love you. [red heart emoji] Mama.”

She wrote the words beneath a stunning snap of her daughter wearing an exquisite white outfit and posing in front of an oval-shaped mirror. The décor in the photo looked just as pristine as the celebrant.

Thousands of well-wishers, including a number of celebrities, took to the comments to send prayers and shower the 18-year-old with love.

Hairstylist Lorenzo Martin called Apple a queen, while medical expert Sara Gottfried noted that Paltrow “captured the sentiment superbly.”

Other notable stars who wished the celebrant the happiest birthday were actress Ali Wentworth, public figure David Nayfieild, entrepreneur Katherine Power, best-selling author Elena Brower, and public figure Rachel Zoe.

The Academy Award winner prides herself as a devoted mother who honors her children when due. Like on Apple’s 18th birthday, Paltrow once shared another tribute on Instagram to the teenager on International Women’s Day.

The Blast reported that she first acknowledged the “incredible women” who had loved her as much as she did them and those who had a strong presence in her life.

She then tributed her only daughter by mentioning that she gave her hope for the future of sisterhood and the globe. Her message at the time ended with:

“This woman [Apple] has made me the woman I am today more than anyone else.” 

The post got a lot of adorable remarks from fans who gushed about the mother and daughter duo. They also expressed their love for the star and commended her mothering skills.

Tracy Anderson appreciated Paltrow in the comments section for being a “loving and loyal light” on her while also declaring that sisterhood was the way.

On the other hand, Chelsea Handler called the update beautiful and remarked that Paltrow and the then-seventeen-year-old looked so much alike.

As much as the “Sliding Doors” actress loves her beautiful daughter, her pregnancy experience was not so exciting as she suffered several challenges during the journey.

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Last October, The Blast shared that Paltrow spoke honestly last October about the challenging birth of Apple in 2004. She also opened up about the changes she experienced over the years since the teenager’s delivery.

The Golden Globe Award recipient told PEOPLE at the time that her daughter’s birth was an emergency, and they almost died.

She then talked about the large scar across her body that was missing before childbirth, saying she did not regard it as bad, but it was a shock.

Paltrow also openly mentioned her relief in being pregnant before social media recognition, as nowadays, new moms are constantly pressured via the platform to get back in shape postpartum.

Months before her revelation, she celebrated her daughter’s 17th birthday with love, during which she recalled the not-too-good times she had with Apple, who once thought of her as a “total loser.”

Fortunately for the pair, their relationship went through positive changes and blossomed over the years, with the teenager now collaborating with her mom on several social media videos.