Hailee Steinfeld Shows Major Love For Hawkeye Co-Star Jeremy Renner As He Continues Recovery: ‘He’s A Freaking Superhero’

Hailee Steinfeld Shows Major Love For Hawkeye Co-Star Jeremy Renner As He Continues Recovery: ‘He’s A Freaking Superhero’

For months now, many have been keeping up with the progress of Marvel star Jeremy Renner, who survived a snowplow accident that could have cost him his life earlier this year. The actor has proven to be a tough cookie, though, as few people could probably go through such an ordeal and live to tell the tale. The veteran actor may only play an Avenger on screen, but he deserves serious props for the vigorous training he's done to work his way back to health. That info makes him “a freaking superhero” in the eyes of his Hawkeye co-star, Hailee Steinfeld, who showered him with some major love amid his continued recovery.

It was on January 1st that Jeremy Renner was crushed by a snowplow that weighed 14,330 pounds and later airlifted to a hospital. In aftermath, stars like Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo wished Renner well and even rallied fans to support him. At the time, Hailee Steinfeld also reached out with some loving social media posts. More recently, she sat down with THR and explained that she's she’s not surprised by Renner’s recovery, considering what she knows about him:

I mean, if there is a real-life superhero in anyone, it is that man. I am just so beyond grateful to see how well he’s doing. So I guess I could say I’m not surprised. He is just so unbelievably strong. The amount of strength and bravery and courage that he has had through his whole recovery and healing process has just been astounding. I was able to see him a few weeks ago, and again, he’s a freaking superhero. (Laughs.)

I'd like to believe that there's a superhero in all of us, and that’s for sure the case with Jeremy Renner. His real-life superhero qualities were in full effect during his accident as well. The "extremely large" vehicle was about to hit his nephew due to The Hurt Locker actor reportedly not using the parking brake before exiting it. As he noticed the snowplow was moving in the direction of his nephew, Renner attempted to re-enter the machine only to unfortunately slide underneath it. 

Sometime after he was admitted to the hospital, sources claimed that his injuries were “much worse than anyone knows.” It was reported that he suffered blunt chest trauma and, a while later, the star himself admitted to breaking more than 30 bones. Many kept the Avengers alum in their thoughts, and the public ultimately received good news days after the accident, when it was said that he made it through surgery and was keeping his strength up in the ICU alongside his family.

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It's been lovely to see the sheer amount of support that the star has received since the accident took place. Though one really can't help but smile over Hailee Steinfeld's sentiments, given her professional and personal relationships with the Oscar winner. 

In the Hawkeye miniseries, she played Kate Bishop who views Clint Barton as her idol and mentor. Talk about art imitating life. When the Edge of Seventeen actress was confirmed for the Marvel series, Jeremy Renner posted an adorable photo of the two. The Avengers: Endgame actor also unleashed his protective instincts onto his younger co-star, making sure that she could handle stunts while also giving her “the Cliffnotes” on working with green screens. He also made sure to impart some honest advice when she arrived on set, which proved to be invaluable for the actress playing Marvel's newest archer.

More recently, Jeremy Renner’s been rocking a stylish cane as he gets his life back on track after the accident. With love coming from Hailee Steinfeld, his Marvel co-stars, and the countless fans he’s made an impact on, Renner’s truly living the life of a genuine superhero. And like his co-stars, we wish him nothing but the best moving forward. 

You can watch the two stars in Hawkeye, which is available to stream using a Disney+ subscription.