Hilary Duff Recalls Her Favorite Moment With A Cinderella Story Co-Star Jennifer Coolidge And The Wild Way Her Son Recreated It

Hilary Duff Recalls Her Favorite Moment With A Cinderella Story Co-Star Jennifer Coolidge And The Wild Way Her Son Recreated It

Jennifer Coolidge is having a huge Hollywood moment right now on the heels of her success from starring in The White Lotus, recently taking home a Golden Globe and starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in the new comedy Shotgun Wedding. However, the real ones remember her hilarious role as the stepmother to Hilary Duff’s Sam in 2004’s A Cinderella Story. Obviously, Duff remembers it too and shared her most memorable moment working with the actress as a teen. 

Hilary Duff was asked by a fan about her experience working alongside Jennifer Coolidge in her Disney pop star days. Here’s what she recalled: 

I can't even begin to tell you how much I've just been, like, obsessed with this past year for Jennifer Coolidge. It's been really cool to see. And, my favorite moment was her rubbing salmon on her face while filming A Cinderella Story and talking about the omegas. My son actually started eating sushi when he was like three and had a similar moment, and I looked and I was like, 'You're just rubbing raw salmon on your face.' And it's, like, soft and he liked it, and it reminded me of her. She's just everything.

Duff shared her memories from the set of A Cinderella Story during an appearance on Watch Happens Live With Andy Cohen. While she was a guest on the show, she also said that Jennifer Coolidge has “always” been a lovely human being, and she’s “really proud” of her former co-star as she’s been recognized for her beloved role in The White Lotus in awards season, and she's picked up more roles than ever. Duff also spoke about how Coolidge’s comeback story has reminded her that “anything can happen at any stage” in Hollywood.

A Cinderella Story was a memorable movie for early ‘00s kids, especially those who were following Hilary Duff’s career during her Lizzie McGuire fame. Duff was just 16 when the modern spin on a classic fairytale, also starring Chad Michael Murray and Regina King, came out. Duff and Coolidge were also in the same movie again in the 2010’s rom-com Beauty & the Briefcase, but Coolidge’s role was brief. 

Jennifer Coolidge’s career in Hollywood goes back to the ‘90s, finding early success in movies like American Pie and Best In Show. The actress has been consistently working over the years, but these past few have seen her consistently taking major roles, including the Netflix series The Watcher. Coolidge recently spoke to her longtime presence in the industry through a story about her favorite wedding being Billie Eilish’s parents' big day.  

You can check out CinemaBlend’s recent interview with Jennifer Coolidge for Shotgun Wedding following the movie’s release on Amazon Prime. In terms of Hilary Duff, the actress has returned for a second season of How I Met Your Father alongside Chris Lowell, Suraj Sharma, Francia Raisa, Tien Tran and Tom Ainsley. You can watch the premiere of Season 2 with a Hulu subscription now and stay tuned for more episodes which drop every Tuesday.