Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter In White Bikini Teases ‘Dress Code For Heaven’

Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter In White Bikini Teases ‘Dress Code For Heaven’

Retired hockey goalie Mikayla Demaiter is giving her followers a glimpse of what angels wear in heaven!

On Sunday, the Canadian model shared several photos that featured her posing in a white bikini, showing off her hourglass figure and flat stomach.

Bikini Queen Mikayla Demaiter Shares The Dress Code For Heaven!

On Sunday, the social media sensation shared four photos that featured her posing in a white bikini. In the first photo, she pulls her long blonde hair out of her face with one hand as she shows off her fit figure. The white bikini top consisted of two white straps that crisscrossed around her neck, along with a gold clasp beneath her ample bosom. Her bikini bottoms also had two gold clasps, which she complimented with plenty of gold jewelry that stood out against her sun-kissed skin.

“I always follow the dress code for heaven,” she joked in the caption. “Am I still alive?” one fan asked. “I sure hope so!” Mikayla replied. “With you, heaven is a place on earth. Total perfection. Thank you for brightening up our lives with your undeniable beauty,” another follower commented. “Aw, thank you very much. I love to hear I add anything to anyone’s life,” Mikayla responded. “God has not made anyone more beautiful than you on this earth,” a third fan gushed. “Incredibly kind of you,” Mikayla replied.

Mikayla Has A Reputation To Maintain!

Mikayla is really known as the bikini queen and she’s not about to let her followers forget it! Just last month, the popular model posed in a yellow drawstring bikini that highlighted her hourglass shape. She let the sun bounce off of the blonde highlights in her hair as she posed for four more photos. “It’s not easy being a walking ray of sunshine, but somebody’s got to do it,” she joked in the caption.

“This is true and that you are!!! What about a ray of sunshine and a valentine? You are looking beautiful in yellow,” one fan commented. “Aw, thank you! I am fine with that for sure,” Mikayla responded. “Gorgeously beautiful. I have no complaints about being exposed to the sun all day long as long as that sunshine is you. Your sunshine brightens up my day. Have an awesome day and stay safe!” another follower shared. “Well, I will keep it shining for you! Thank you for the sweet message. I hope you have a wonderful day,” Mikayla replied.

Mikayla Demaiter Is Hot Enough To Heat Pool Water!

Last November, the retired hockey goalie put her stunning physique on display yet again as she posed in a pink drawstring bathing suit that gave her followers some serious “Barbie.” Vibes. In the third photo, it’s clear that she added a long-sleeve pink sweater and booty shorts as she stood with her back to the camera. Fans praised her long legs while others praised her strappy pink stiletto heels. “The water started steaming right after these photos were taken,” she joked in the caption.

“You look absolutely out of this world beautiful,” one fan commented. “Angel from the sky,” another follower gushed. “What a beautiful woman,” a third fan agreed. “You are always making our days better,” another follower shared. “Hottest woman on the planet. Period,” another fan declared. “I don’t doubt that the water started steaming when you got near,” another follower shared while another fan called her “Quite honestly one of the most attractive women walking on earth. Simply STUNNING!”

Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of Mikayla!

Even when she’s not wearing a bikini, fans still can’t get enough of Mikayla’s stunning snaps! Her piercing eyes were on full display in another photoshoot, where she posed in a tank top and a short black skirt.

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