‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry Can’t Cook, Other Secrets Revealed

‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry Can’t Cook, Other Secrets Revealed

‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry has had his fair share of presenting his psychic abilities to a plethora of celebrities and so many more to tremendous success, but when it comes to knowing more about the man behind all of it, Henry is more of an open book than one would originally expect.

And the reason we know is that The Blast was able to catch up with Henry EXCLUSIVELY about so many other things about his amazing life away from his gifts that not only surprised us, but will definitely surprise you all!

Tyler Henry Shares Secrets About His Day-To-Day Life

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Everyone was originally introduced to Henry when he was 19, as he appeared on his own show on E! called, “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry,” which started back in 2016. The show followed Henry using his psychic abilities on various celebs where he could connect them with their loved ones on the other side.

He continues to share his gift now on Netflix on his new show, ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry.” And as it comes with everyone who watches his shows, we are all so intrigued with all that happens and all that Henry does to help people but we are also very intrigued by Henry himself and want to know more about him.

So when The Blast spoke to Henry EXCLUSIVELY at the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards back on June 12th, we learned about what Henry learns about himself when he has his readings with various celebs saying, “Sure… There is a Maya Angelou quote that comes to mind and it is, ‘Nothing human is foreign to me.’ And I have learned that in my work in a sense as a Medium, that everybody has secrets, everyone has things they aren’t proud of and these are all these connective human things that often hide in the shadows but in reality, we all share, so it has made me a lot less judgmental as a person.”

Which got us thinking, what does he do when he can get away from it all and just be himself and do his own thing he shared what he likes to do in his day-to-day life, and just like Henry, it is very unique as he shared, “Yeah, Oh my goodness! I am a homebody and I stay at home and make stained glass windows it is a meditative process for me, it is very laborious, it is rough on the hands, so it takes a lot of time. It is an exercise that allows me to unwind and disconnect from all of the noise.”

With the stained glass hobby, it is also something he would also love to sell someday as he joked he had to get better at it while laughing, “Oh, absolutely! Someday, I better get good at it, but one of these days…”

It didn’t end there as the conversation allowed him to tell us what he also needs to improve on in his life.

What Tyler Henry Can’t Do And Other Cooked Up Revelations

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As we dived in to learn more about Henry and what he can or can’t do, we first asked why he thinks his psychic abilities were bestowed on him in the first place, and he shared, “I have asked that question myself, I think I am a very imaginative person and I spent a lot of time alone as a child and was really able to get lost in myself and I think those worlds I have built up as a child have served me as an adult and it really what I use to get back to that child-like part of myself to do those readings. So that might have something to do with it.”

So we wanted to see if he had any other gifts that would surprise or entertain us, whether he was a great singer or a cook, Henry was quick to answer with a laugh and share, “I wish! I can burn water. So I got that going for me but beyond that, I am not that talented. It is a good thing I do my thing or else I don’t know.”

So maybe he can’t admittedly do everything but lucky for him, to have this gift of being a psychic, it has worked wonders for his life to this point but we needed to know if anything has surprised him during this journey as a Medium and there actually is a few things as he exclaimed, “You know I would say the biggest surprise I get from my work is the power of love. It might sound cheesy but the ability to come through, when people sit in front of me that don’t think it is possible, it is so comforting and so healing sometimes even when you have a skeptic. Because those are the people you see the most transformations with. And so when that happens, that is so special in a way even.”

But will this Medium life all end when he is no longer around or will it be given to another? Henry mentioned that it will continue, “I definitely believe in the continuation of consciousness, but I think there will always be Medium’s and there will always be intuitive people that will have premonitions and psychic experiences. Most people can relate to just having at least one moment of a very strong intuitive hunch, and then it is correct. So I think it is a natural part of who we are and some just have it more than others.”

So for those that believe, all should be in good hands, and after seeing what Henry shared with us and how he has taken us on a journey through our time with him and the glimpses we have seen him on TV helping other celebs and people’s lives, it is nice to see what makes him tick and it is nice to see he is just like us, just with different talents at the end of the day.

And that is something we don’t have to predict ourselves, we have now seen it and heard it ourselves.