How To Watch Doctor Who: The Giggle And Stream The 60th Anniversary Episode Free From Anywhere

How To Watch Doctor Who: The Giggle And Stream The 60th Anniversary Episode Free From Anywhere

How To Watch Doctor Who: The Giggle

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Watch Doctor Who: The Giggle – synopsis

The final 2023 special looks to be the most monumental yet. Reintroducing classic Doctor Who-era villain The Toymaker, fans should expect an emotional swansong for Donna Noble and Tennant’s Time Lord, while introducing the fresh-faced fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa). Get ready for both of your hearts to break as we explain how to watch Doctor Who: “The Giggle” online and for free from anywhere.

The conclusion of “Wild Blue Yonder” saw Donna (Catherine Tate) and the Doctor rescued from their floppy, shapeshifting doppelgängers by the TARDIS and reunited with Wilf in London. Yet they returned to find the capital ablaze and the populace tearing each other to pieces.

The cause? The mischievous Toymaker. Yes, showrunner Russell T Davies has brought back the nemesis of the very First Doctor (William Hartnell), described as “an eternal being of infinite power” and last seen in the 1966 serial “The Celestial Toymaker.” Can the Doctor outsmart him and save Donna – and the rest of mankind – once again?

Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) will portray the omnipotent entity this time around. It’s a brilliant bit of casting, too, with the Tony award-winning actor and avid magician infusing his character's schemes with theatrical flair. Meanwhile, Jemma Redgrave is back to help save the day as Head Scientific Officer Kate Stewart, and John MacKay (ITV's Nolly) will feature as the famous Scottish inventor, John Logie Baird.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of the Fifteenth Doctor, who'll be played by Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) in his highly anticipated Doctor Who debut.

Read our guide below for how to watch the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special now. Get a free stream of the final special and watch this evening's Doctor Who: “The Giggle” online from anywhere.

Watch Doctor Who: The Giggle online in the UK

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Doctor Who: “The Giggle” will be broadcast live on BBC One and through BBC iPlayer on Saturday, December 9, at 6.30pm GMT. The episode will then be made available to stream on iPlayer after its linear TV premiere.

BBC iPlayer is available on a number of devices and it’s absolutely FREE to watch. To create a BBC account, all you need is an email address and a UK postcode (e.g. W1A 1AA), in addition to a valid TV licence.

Abroad? Use a VPN using the instructions below to access BBC iPlayer like you would at home.

How to watch Doctor Who: The Giggle from anywhere

If you're a UK citizen on vacation or working overseas, you can still watch Doctor Who: “The Giggle” and stream the 60th anniversary specials just like you would at home.

While BBC iPlayer is for licence fee-paying Brits and blocks access from IP addresses outside of the UK, there's a handy piece of software called a VPN which can change your IP address to make it look like you're accessing streaming services from any country in the world.

For example, UK citizens in the States can subscribe to a VPN, join a UK based server and tune into all the programmes on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world, just like you would back home.

Step-by-step of using a VPN to unblock:

1. Choose a VPN and install it - our go-to recommendation is ExpressVPN

2. Connect to a server - for BBC iPlayer, for example, you'll want to connect to a server based in the UK

3. Go to the live stream you wish to access - for Doctor Who, head to BBC iPlayer

How to watch Doctor Who: The Giggle online in the US

Disney+ logo

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Whovians in the US can stream Doctor Who: “The Giggle” on Disney Plus from Saturday, December 9, with episodes available day-and-date with their BBC One release. It’s the final 60th anniversary special. But fans of all things Who will be able to catch the Christmas episode “The Church on Ruby Road” on Christmas Day, Monday, December 25.

Disney Plus subscriptions start from $7.99 for a Basic ad-supported plan. Or you can ditch the ads and go Premium for $13.99 a month ($139.99 when you opt for the annual plan).

There are also a variety of Disney Plus bundle options that could help you save a buck. For example, the Trio Basic plan gifts you with ad-supported Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for just $14.99 – that’s a monthly saving of 44% compared to the price of subscribing to each separately.

A Brit abroad in the States? Use a VPN to access BBC iPlayer for free from abroad.

How to watch Doctor Who 2023 online in Canada

Doctor Who fans in the Great White North can watch Doctor Who: “The Giggle” on Disney Plus, with the third of three 60th anniversary specials available to stream from Saturday, December 9.

Not yet subscribed to Disney Plus? The Disney Plus price start from CA$7.99 a month for the new ad-supported plan. Otherwise, choose between its Standard (CA$11.99 a month/CA$119.99 annually) or Premium ad-free plans (CA$14.99 a month/CA$149.99 a year).

How to watch Doctor Who: The Giggle online in Australia

Disney Plus is also the streaming home of the Doctor Who 2023 specials Down Under. Doctor Who: “The Giggle” will be ready for streaming on Sunday, December 10: only a little later than in the US and Canada.

There are just a few subscription plans in Australia. Go monthly for AU$13.99 or get a great saving – effectively 12 months for the price of 10 - by getting an annual plan for AU$139.99.

Away from home? Use a VPN to access BBC iPlayer for free from abroad.

Today's 3 best VPN services: