‘I Was Carrying A Lot Of Grief’: Superman’s Mr. Terrific Actor Continues To Show Off His Ripped Body And Opens Up About Getting In Shape

‘I Was Carrying A Lot Of Grief’: Superman’s Mr. Terrific Actor Continues To Show Off His Ripped Body And Opens Up About Getting In Shape

James Gunn’s forthcoming DCU epic, Superman, is now truly taking shape, as filming has officially begun. With that, many of the stars have also gotten in shape to portray the comic book-birthed beings fans know. One such person in that position is Edi Gathegi, who’s set to play Mr. Terrific. As of late, the actor has been showing off his truly jacked physique for the upcoming superhero movie, and he’s truly put in the work. Gathegi proudly displayed his body yet again though, this time around, he also got candid about his motivation for getting in shape – and it’s not as simple as you may think. 

The 44-year-old Superman cast member didn’t seem to waste any time getting himself to the gym in preparation for his role. By December 2023, he’d already updated his social media followers on his progress, and he already looked more than jacked enough to play Mr. Terrific. Just days ago, one of his trainers, Paolo Mascitti, posted pics of him in his rippling figure on Instagram. Around that same time, Edi Gathegi himself also posted one of those photos on the platform. You can see it for yourself down below: 

Hard work certainly pays off, if you ask me. While I personally work to get healthy and lift a few weights when I can, I’m not sure I have the drive to get that built. Then again, I’m not getting paid a copious amount of money to do so. However, it would seem that the X-Men: First Class alum’s high-profile gig isn’t the only reason he wanted to reform his body. As he explained via his caption, this was also a personal “mission” for him – one partially motivated by “a lot of grief,” as he explained: 

"Four and a half months ago I lovingly referred to myself as doughboy. I was carrying a lot grief, some of it in the form of subcutaneous fat pockets in my midsection and was probably in the worst shape of my life. Then God gave me a challenge that would force me back to my passions. I’m proud of where we are today and none of it possible without the Michelangelo of fitness Paolo Mascitti and the support of my goose [Adriana Gathegi] who with patience and perspective also accepted the mission given to us. Mr. Terrific reporting for duty. Who’s next?"

Let’s be honest, many of us want to look good on the outside, and not necessarily for vain reasons. Of course, what’s even more important, I’d argue, is how one feels on the inside. And it sounds like Edi Gathegi now feels a lot better internally since he decided to get in shape. Quite frankly, you love to hear a story like this, as it can be difficult to find the motivation to work out, especially if you’re in somewhat of a personal slump at the onset. Kudos to Gathegi for setting a goal and working with his support system to see it through!

While I’m excited to see the sheer level of physicality that the veteran actor brings to the role, I’m also intrigued to see what he brings to Mr. Terrific personality-wise. The hero – whose real name is Michael Holt – isn’t just a formidable fighter. He’s also one of the most intelligent beings in the entire DC Universe and has an advanced mastery of technology. While we’ve yet to see this interpretation of the character (which marks his live-action big screen debut), I have no doubt that the For All Mankind star will bring a cerebral vibe to the beloved JSA member.

One would think that Edi Gathegi might do just a little additional work in the gym amid principal photography, just to keep himself sharp. But, at this point, he should already be proud of himself for fully committing to getting in shape. He’s a true inspiration and may inspire others to follow in his footsteps. Now, if you excuse, I have to get my hands on some weights.

Superman is set to open in theaters on July 11, 2025. While you wait for it, read up on the other upcoming productions that will be a part of DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.