Iain Armitage Threw Back To Filming His First Young Sheldon Scene After Wrapping The Series Finale, And It's An Adorable Gut-Punch

Iain Armitage Threw Back To Filming His First Young Sheldon Scene After Wrapping The Series Finale, And It's An Adorable Gut-Punch

Back in March 2017, a month after TV audiences were introduced to his Big Little Lies character Ziggy, Iain Armitage landed what will likely go on to be one of his most celebrated roles, that of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory’s first spinoff. With advice from Jim Parsons, the young actor helped turn Young Sheldon into a primetime hit for CBS, though it's one of many shows ending in 2024,, with the series finale set to air in May. To celebrate the final day of filming, Armitage shared an adorable throwback post to his first day of filming, and I’m once again impressed by how endlessly mature this kid is.

The PAW Patrol: The Movie star marked the big day with several pictures and videos on social media, particularly Instagram Stories, but his IG post flashing back to that first day bringing Young Sheldon to life is definitely the standout. Not just for the li’l dude’s buttoned up shirt and briefcase, but for Armitage’s reflective caption, as seen below:

This is 8 yr old me getting ready to film the very first scene I did as Young Sheldon. @melissapeterman recently asked what I would go back and tell my younger self. Maybe I wouldn’t tell him anything and I would just let life unfold as it does, but I think he’d be so surprised and happy to see where we are now. I sure am. I don’t think this kid could have anticipated what it would feel like to film our final scene all these years later. Thank you, amazing crew, past and present, and those who have been there the whole time. I love you all so much!

Such a thoughtful and emotionally centered comment from someone who hasn’t yet reached his Sweet 16 birthday. I can’t imagine what advice my 15-year-old self would have given my 8-year-old self. Probably not to do that one thing on that one field trip, but that’s an entirely different story that has nothing to do with Sheldon Cooper’s adolescence.

What a ride it’s been for Armitage, too, having debuted as the Big Bang Theory character while the flagship sitcom was still airing. While the actor might have had a semblance of how successful the show was going to be, he likely wouldn’t have been able to comprehend just how much of an impact it would have, to the point where it’s setting up its own spinoff for Georgie and Mandy.

That’s only after a series finale that will reunite Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik as not-so-young Sheldon and Amy, though we’re not quite sure how just yet. And to think it all started here:

Iain Armitage as Sheldon in Young Sheldon

(Image credit: CBS)

To be expected, plenty of Iain Armitage’s fans and followers shared kind and loving comments on his throwback post, with some lamenting the show’s impending conclusion, and others thanking him and the cast for all the good times so far. Among those comments was one from Yellowjackets star and two-time Young Sheldon guest star Melanie Lynskey, who portrayed Prof. Ericson, and Armitage replied in kind.

  • Melanie Lynskey: ❤️ Congratulations on an amazing run ❤️
  • Iain Armitage: @msmelanielynskey we are so lucky you came to play! Can’t wait to work together again!

Fans can probably expect to see loads of throwback pics from the cast and crew in the next month, with the finale set to air on May 16. Until then, though, Young Sheldon airs Thursday nights on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET. Head to our 2024 TV premiere schedule to see what other projects are debuting in the coming months.