Is Kelly Ripa Or Her Daughter The Hottie Sunbathing In A Green Bikini?

Is Kelly Ripa Or Her Daughter The Hottie Sunbathing In A Green Bikini?

Talk show host Kelly Ripa is making the most out of her summer and she wants her 3.3M followers to see it… or rather, she wants her followers to check out her daughter sunbathing behind her husband!

On Wednesday, the host of the “Generation Gap” game show recently took to Instagram to share a video of her and her husband, Mark Consuelos, chilling by the pool. That’s what fans seemed to think, at first, but upon a second review of the video, fans think that it’s actually her daughter that’s chilling poolside!

Is Kelly Ripa Or Her 21-Year-Old Daughter Lola Flaunting Her Bikini Body Sunbathing By The Pool?

In the Instagram video, a super tanned woman and Mark can be seen lounging on pool chairs beside the pool as Lola’s new song plays in the background. The woman is gently rocking her knees from side to side as a drone seems to hover behind them and then over them, giving fans a sweeping view of the ocean that lay beyond the pool.

The drone then returns to hover over them, revealing the woman tanning herself in a green bikini. Either the 51-year-old star or the 21-year-old singer seems to be working on a serious tan and has no problem putting her toned abs on display for their followers.

In the caption, Kelly wrote, “Casually waiting for the arrival of @theyoungestyung first single PARANOIA SILVER LINING, drops tomorrow across all platforms! #newmusic #tiktok : Lolagcon.”

‘The Song Is As Great As Your Tans’ … But Whose Tan Is It?

Kelly Ripa with daughter LolaMEGA

It seems that the family might have been trying to capture the theme of her song in the video, as Lola sings, “We’ll be in the clouds / memories so loud / you don’t have the heart to let me down,” before repeating the chorus, “Trust / Guide me / Faith in him just blinds me / Love surprised me / Paranoia silver lining.”

Famous friends shared their support for her new single, with Andy Cohen commenting, “The song is as great as your tans!” Although many fans and famous friends praised the video and the tune, there was a bit of a controversy about who was actually in the video. Although some media outlets have already reported that Kelly is catching some rays in the video, if you actually click on the little black person icon in the bottom left corner of the video, it actually tags Lola and Mark, not Kelly.

“Congratulations to Lola!!!! How can Kelly be that tan when she’s so fair?” one fan asked. “Still gorgeous pics!!”

“I thought the same thing,” another user agreed. “I thought she didn’t lay out in the sun.”

“That’s not Kelly, it’s the youngest,” another wrote. “It’s a little button that tells you who’s there.” Lola has two brothers: Michael Joseph, who is 25, and Joaquin Antonio, who is 19. Lola is 21, making her the youngest daughter in the family, but not the youngest sibling.

Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Lola Is Currently Studying Music At New York University

As Entertainment Tonight reported, Lola started studying music at New York University in 2019. At the time, Kelly said that there weren’t “real tears” during the drop-off.

“There weren’t real tears but there were lots of ‘Don’t think I’m gonna be home before Thanksgiving because I’m not. I’m not gonna be home before Thanksgiving. You won’t see me before Thanksgiving,’” Kelly said at the time. “To that, I said, ‘I’ll see you in four hours when you come home because you don’t know how to use the washing machine!’”

And that’s not the only thing that the family has been celebrating this summer. In June, Kelly shared a photo of her daughter smiling beside a colorful three-tiered cake. “She’s 21!!!” she captioned the snap. “Happy birthday @theyoungestyung we love you so much! You are our heart and soul ♥️♥️♥️⭐️⭐️⭐️.” Plenty of fans and famous friends piled on the post to wish her a happy birthday as well.

It’s clear that both Kelly and Mark wish their daughter nothing but the best and are here to support her future singing career!