Jamie Foxx Is Seemingly Hinting At A Return To Stand-Up, And The Throwback Clip He Shared Reminds Me Just How Great He Is At It

Jamie Foxx Is Seemingly Hinting At A Return To Stand-Up, And The Throwback Clip He Shared Reminds Me Just How Great He Is At It

Plenty of fans likely know that Jamie Foxx made his Hollywood breakthrough by making millions of viewers laugh weekly as part of Fox's In Living Color cast. Aside from that though, he also made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian. It's been years since Foxx has taken to the stage to perform a major special, as he's been busy with other endeavors. Now, the Oscar winner has seemingly hinted that he's making a return to stand-up and did so by posting a throwback clip to one of his routines. And it's a great reminder to me and others of just how great he is at the craft.

Following his days on In Living Color, Jamie Foxx toured regularly in the 1990s and 2000s, giving performances that blended his comedic and musical chops. In the process, he produced some acclaimed comedy TV specials. What's arguably become his most well-known outing is the 2002 HBO special I Might Need Security, which spawned some of his most popular bits. As the Hollywood A-lister makes his post-health scare Hollywood comeback, he posted the finale of his HBO TV offering to his Instagram account. Check out the hilarious footage and the A-lister's tease about possibly returning to the stage:

When looking at this clip, I can't help but note how much of a true Renaissance man the star is among others in Hollywood. As far as comedians go, few could think up a comedy bit about Prince singing the Brady Bunch theme song. To put it simply, it's nothing short of brilliant. In short, this clip encapsulates all of the Ray star's abilities – singing, piano-playing and impersonating celebrities. 

As a longtime fan of the game show host, I can definitely say that I miss seeing Jamie Foxx in his full comedic moment. Viewers get peeks here and there of his stand-up prowess through his hosting gigs. However, the clip above illustrates just how much he is needed in a polarized comedy space. Hopefully, once his busy movie schedule clears up, he'll do a full stand-up set live. Foxx has seemingly been doing well in recent months and made his first post-health scare appearance near the end of 2023. As he continues to get back into the groove of things career-wise, I'd hope that Foxx truly does consider returning to his roots.

Upon its release, I Might Need Security caught much attention, as it was filled with unrestrained jokes aimed at those famous and not. Before earning his Oscar and headlining blockbuster movies, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor was ruthless and raw in performing his stand-up routine. (And, as a result, he made a few enemies in the entertainment space.) His comedic skills are still utilized in his various movies and even some commercials he does. But there's nothing like see him on stage in front of a mic giving his humorous take on the world we live in. Here's hoping that stand-up comeback is legit and happens soon.

Before Jamie Foxx can return to the stage, he has multiple upcoming movies arriving in 2024, including the adventure comedy Back in Action. Foxx returned to the set after his health scare, to finish his work on the flick alongside co-star Cameron Diaz. after the film tried using a stunt double to finish everything up. The movie will be available through a Netflix subscription to stream later this year.