Jason Derulo Breaks Silence On P. Diddy’s Legal Battle And Public Perception

Jason Derulo Breaks Silence On P. Diddy’s Legal Battle And Public Perception

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’s legal issues continue to be a topic of conversation – not just among the general public but within the music community as well. The 54-year-old veteran rapper and business mogul and his dealings are reportedly being analyzed in connection to an investigation involving a sex-trafficking operation. As a result of that, two of Diddy’s homes were raided weeks ago. As of this writing, only a handful of notable artists have spoken out on the matter, and Jason Derulo has become the latest to break his silence on Diddy’s legal entanglements and public perception. 

The 34-year-old “Ridin’ Solo” performer was in New York this week when he was asked for his take on the Sean John founder’s situation. TMZ’s photographer specifically asked whether he feels the public should be giving some “grace” to the embattled hip hop star. Said person further questioned the Florida native on whether he thinks his colleague should be considered innocent until proven otherwise. With that, he responded with the following statement: 

I believe in that. I believe in innocent before proven guilty, sure.

As hinted at by the photographer, Jason Derulo and Sean Combs go back a long way. Derulo got his major break in the music industry by writing songs for Combs along with a host of other singers and rappers. In time, the rising artist was able to parlay that success into his own singing career. Months ago, Derulo reflected on the role that Combs played in his professional beginnings. He recounted his impact amid an interview shared to Guy Raz's YouTube channel:

We had P. Diddy down in Miami, we had Cash Money [Records] down in Miami, we had Timbaland and his crew down in Miami. So there was quite a bit of like, music energy in Miami at that time, but it seemed like, closed off. You couldn’t like, get in in any way. And it wasn’t until Diddy brought Making the Band to Miami, which was a TV show back in the day. … He brought in like, a ton of different producers and a ton of different writers from all over and flew everybody down and everybody would record in this one studio. And I got invited to that studio by one of the producer friends that I knew.

The artist went on to recall that from there, he had the opportunity to write a song for Diddy and get some studio time with him. As the Teen Choice Award winner explained, that was “one of the first real kind of opportunities” he received within the business. 

Homes in Miami and Los Angeles that belong to Sean Combs (who’s changed his name over the years) were raided at the end of March. Photos showed bags and boxes being carried out by federal agents, who were allegedly looking to retrieve devices belonging to the “Victory” rapper. While it’s been reported that he’s now keeping a low-profile at his residence in Florida, Combs was apparently out of the country when the raids occurred. His two adult sons were present, however, and purportedly had lasers pointed at them. Aside from the sex-trafficking situation, Combs is also facing lawsuits, one of which is from Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones related to his 2001 nightclub arrest. That case may even rope in Jennifer Lopez, who dated the music star years ago.

Others have made comments about Diddy since he began contending with various accusations and legal issues. A former backup dancer for the star, Extra host Tanika Ray weighed in, sharing her experiences and stating that at the time, she aimed to “avoid him at all costs.” Model Jade Ramey also responded to Lil’ Rod’s suit, which also includes claims of sexual assault on the Grammy winner’s part and that Ramey herself served as Diddy’s sex worker. Ramey, through a statement issued by her publicist, denied the allegation.

It should be noted that as of this writing, Sean Combs has not been arrested or charged with any specific offenses. Whether anything develops from the federal investigation and others speak out like Jason Derulo and co. remains to be seen.