Jen Selter In Gold Two-Piece Gives ‘Star Wars’ Fans Princess Leia Vibes

Jen Selter In Gold Two-Piece Gives ‘Star Wars’ Fans Princess Leia Vibes

Model Jen Selter might have just secretly revealed herself to be a “Star Wars” fan!

The 30-year-old fitness trainer shared a photo of her lying on her side in a gold two-piece bathing suit and the pose reminded a lot of fans of Princess Leia in Jabba’s Palace!

Fitness Trainer Jen Selter Glitters In Gold

Jen Selter poses in gold bikiniInstagram | Jen Selter

In yet another recent Instagram post, Jen stretched out on the ground wearing a gold two-piece bathing suit. It looks like this video was taken during her birthday trip to Greece last month. She is lying with one leg crossed over the other as she poses with one hand by her head, letting her long dark hair blow out behind her.

In another snap, she is standing with her hands behind her head as she poses barefoot beside the edge of the water. She is smoldering for this shot as well, her dark hair parted on either side of her body. She is wearing gold bracelets to match her gold bathing suit as she strikes a pose.

Jen Selter poses in gold bikiniInstagram | Jen Selter

“Confidence isn’t ‘They will like me.’ It’s ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t,’” she wrote in the caption. Her sister, Steph Selter, gushed, “Unreal!!” One fan teased, “I thought that confidence is looking the way that you do” while another follower wrote, “How beautiful and so perfect she is.”

“WOW, darling. Bravo! Looking awesome!” another fan exclaimed. “Gorgeous photo shoot, Jen,” another follower shared. “What’s not to like?” another fan asked. “Absolute goddess,” another follower gushed. “You are my inspiration. So gorgeous,” another fan added.

Jen Shares Another ‘Get Ready With Me’ Fashion Fit

Jen Selter shares Get Ready With MeInstagram | Jen Selter

In her latest “Get Ready with Me” video, Jen shared a video of her slipping into a black and white checkered crop top and high-waisted shorts that she slipped on over her black undergarments.

Once she has finished getting dressed, she begins a bodyweight abs workout, doing toe touches and crunches while showing off the gorgeous ocean views in the background.

After she has a glass of water, she drinks a big glass of water to stay hydrated and then proceeds to show a few clips of various stretches to cool down her muscles.

She set this video to Survivor’s recognizable song “Eye of the Tiger.” In the caption, she wrote, #GRWM in @aloyoga time! The glow-up starts from within.”

“Every day, it’s on you to focus on being the best and be the best version of yourself. Say ‘YES’ to what lifts you up and a big ‘no’ to anything that brings you down,” she continued.

“Remember, happiness isn’t just a moment; it’s your daily choice,” she added. “So let’s make today a good one!” Fans were quick to agree, praising her outfit and her “inspirational” caption!

Jen Selter Hits The Gym In Her ‘Barbie’ Pink Fit

Jen Selter poses in a pink fitInstagram | Jen Selter

In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation donned a “Barbie” pink gym fit as she did a workout inside her apartment, showing off the gorgeous views of the city from her floor-to-ceiling windows.

She uses cheetah-print dumbbells to lead herself through a variety of exercises that work her arms, legs, and core. She even uses her dumbbells to add resistance to her jumping jacks, showing her followers how she maintains her fit physique.

“Let’s turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’ and ‘I won’t’ into ‘I will.’ It’s time to get after your wellness journey! Link in bio for all of my workout programs on the @fitplan_app,” she wrote in the caption.

“Excellent thoughts… you inspire those who follow you,” one fan commented. “Ready for fitness Friday!” another follower exclaimed. “Weekend mood,” another fan wrote. “You’re gorgeous in neon,” another follower gushed. “Going to try these!” another fan added.

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