Jen Selter Makes Her Booty POP In A Blue Thong Bikini

Jen Selter Makes Her Booty POP In A Blue Thong Bikini

Model Jen Selter is putting her sunned buns on display in yet another trip to the beach!

The 29-year-old fitness influencer seems to spend many of her weekends on the beach and fans can’t blame her! It looks like Jen has a lot of time to enjoy the sun, sand, and work on her sun-kissed tan!

Jen Selter Flaunts Her Sunned Buns In A Blue Bikini

Jen Selter flaunts her sunned buns in a blue bikiniInstagram | Jen Selter

In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness guru snapped a few photos from the beach in Florida. In one of the photos, Jen is striking her signature pose.

She is standing with one foot bent in front of the other, with one arm dangling by her side and the other hand bent at an angle behind her head.

Her long dark hair flows in loose, beachy waves down her back as she shows off her sunned buns in a blue thong bikini.

Jen Loves Spending Time At The Beach… And So Do Her Fans!

Jen Selter flaunts her sunned buns in a blue bikiniInstagram | Jen Selter

In another photo, Jen still has one hand posed beside her head but moved her other hand around to put her hand by her waist, showing off the front of her bikini.

There are small blue gems woven into the front of her bikini top, which she matched with sparkling high-waisted bikini bottoms that still show off the definition in her toned abs.

In the caption, Jen gave her followers some words of wisdom, writing, “Don’t let your food get cold worrying about what’s on someone else’s plate.”

Forget The Bikini… Some Fans Are In Love With Jen’s Watch!

Jen Selter flaunts her sunned buns in a blue bikiniInstagram | Jen Selter

In the third photo of her Instagram carousel, Jen looks down as if to check out the definition in her own abs as the ocean waves come up behind her. Fans couldn’t get enough of her steamy snaps, showering her post with red heart emojis.

“OMG! Loooove this top!! (On you) it is sooo cute! I feel like I would spill out of it unfortunately, but it is beautiful for smaller busted women!!!” one fan commented. “Love that turquoise OP. Your watch game is on point and not recognized enough,” another follower wrote. Jen replied, “Aww thank you!! This one is my fav color.”

“Where in Florida?” another fan asked, to which Jen replied, “Boca!!” Another follower noted “You like the sea so much.” Jen just replied, “Siiii.” Fans had even more compliments for Jen, with one fan telling her “You’re such a babe” and another follower adding, “You look beautiful in your picture.” Another fan even called her a “mermaid” as fans lit up her post with fire emojis.

Jen Selter Makes Her Booty POP During A Leg Workout!

In another recent Instagram video, set to the tune of Yally’s “Party Party,” Jen flaunts her famous booty for the camera while wearing a short-sleeve blue ribbed shirt, matching shorts, and blue sneakers. Her brown hair is tied back in a ponytail as she began her workout, holding a dumbbell in front of her chest.

Jen begins her workout by doing squat jumps, facing away from the camera, before she steps back into reverse lunges, pushing the dumbbell up above her head. She then lowers the dumbbell for squat pulses before jumping back into reverse lunges and squats. Jen then holds the dumbbell in front of her thighs as she lifts one leg back to work her glutes and ends the video by teasingly pulling down the waistband of her shorts.

Fans Say That Jen’s Fitness Videos ‘Never Cease To Amaze!’

Jen Selter works out in blueInstagram | Jen Selter

In the caption, Jen wrote, “Remember… The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen! The best project you will ever work on is YOU!! Join me on the @fitplan_app and get access to all of my workout programs + thousands of other trainers!!” She also added the hashtags #workout, #fitness, #seltering.

Her 13.6 million Instagram followers couldn’t get enough of her steamy video! “Never cease to amaze!” one fan commented. “Fitness is on point, Jen,” another follower wrote. “Get it, babe,” a third fan chimed in. “The fitness beauty queen. Just perfect woman beauty and fitness legend,” another follower gushed. “Always stunning,” another fan agreed.

Jen Selter poses in a bikini with her dog GramInstagram Stories | Jen Selter

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