Jennifer Lawrence Teams With A24 for a Comic Book Adaptation. Here’s Why I’m Beyond Thrilled

Jennifer Lawrence Teams With A24 for a Comic Book Adaptation. Here’s Why I’m Beyond Thrilled

Jennifer Lawrence is set to join a very exciting sci-fi movie, based off a comic book. The No Hard Feelings star is attached to star in and produce an adaptation of a darkly comedic graphic novel in collaboration with A24. With Lawrence's proven track record and the unique premise of the source material, this project is already generating a buzz. Here’s why I’m particularly excited about this upcoming movie release.

Per Variety, the Hunger Games actress is teaming up again with A24 for an upcoming book-to-screen adaptation of Why Don’t You Love Me? The forthcoming A24 film follows the story of a miserable couple, Claire and Mark, who are struggling through their marriage while feeling that something is not quite right in their reality. It doesn't get more A24 than that!

Why The Graphic Novel Is An Intriguing Premise For A Film

Paul B. Rainey's 2023 graphic novel is renowned for its pitch-black humor and insightful exploration of themes like marriage, alcoholism, depression, and lost opportunities. The story centers on Claire and Mark, who are trapped in the doldrums of an unhappy marriage. Claire spends her days in a bathrobe, chain-smoking on the couch, while Mark struggles to get the kids to school on time and has lost track of the days. Their interest in family life has waned, relying on pizza and Chinese food deliveries every night. Mark sleeps on the couch, often forgetting his son's name, and feels like a fraud at work despite his success. Meanwhile, Claire obsesses over an ex-boyfriend, wondering how he could have left her in this life.

This complex narrative is perfect for a film adaptation. Its mix of dark humor and existential themes promises a fresh and compelling cinematic experience, setting it apart from typical comic book fare. It is totally in the wheelhouse of A24 as a production company.

It’s Giving dark Everything Everywhere All at Once Vibes

The forthcoming adaptation is already giving major Everything Everywhere All at Once vibes, and for good reason. The 2023 Academy Award-winning film, produced by A24, captivated audiences with its unique blend of multiverse-spanning action and heartfelt emotional beats. Similarly, Rainey's novel offers a mix of everyday life, weird, and wonderful sci-fi elements combined with a black comedic tone that sets it apart.

The 2023 Best Picture winner demonstrated how unconventional storytelling could achieve critical and commercial success. If Why Don’t You Love Me? can capture even a fraction of that film's magic, it will be a standout hit. The potential for bizarre, reality-bending scenarios, coupled with deep emotional narratives, makes this project incredibly promising.

The Exciting Talent Onboard For The Project

One of the most exciting aspects of this adaptation is the talent involved. First up, Robert Funke is set to write the script. Funke, known for his work on the Showtime series On Becoming a God in Central Florida, has a knack for blending humor with darker themes. His experience creating quirky, genre-bending, and engaging narratives makes him a perfect fit for adapting the graphic novel.

In addition to Lawrence and Funke, the production team includes Lawrence’s production company, Excellent Cadaver, A24, and the producing duo of Hereditary filmmaker Ari Aster and Lars Knudsen of Square Peg. This team’s combined talents promise to deliver an entertaining and thought-provoking film.

With Jennifer Lawrence set to lead the cast and produce, Robert Funke penning the script, and A24 producing, the adaptation of Why Don’t You Love Me? is shaping up to be an exciting project. As a fan of innovative storytelling and complex narratives, I can’t wait to see how this adaptation unfolds.

It's worth noting that recently, it was announced that the Passengers actress and self-described Real Housewives superfan will star in another A24 project, The Wives. This Real Housewives-inspired murder mystery movie will be co-produced by Apple Original Films. Needless to say, the next couple of years will be exciting to watch regarding Lawrence’s upcoming 2025 movies and beyond. I’m so here for it.