Jessica Alba’s Kids Don’t Consider Her Cool Enough To Dance With Zac Efron

Jessica Alba’s Kids Don’t Consider Her Cool Enough To Dance With Zac Efron

Jessica Alba may be a phenomenal superstar to the world, but to her children, she is just a regular nerdy mother.

Alba went viral in a dance TikTok video with heartthrob Zac Efron while partnering on a tourism campaign, yet her kids cannot believe their eyes.

In a recent hilarious interview, the “Honey” actress opened up about how her three offspring cannot wrap their heads around how a “nerd” like her danced with the “High School Musical” star.

Jessica Alba’s Children Think Zac Efron Is Too Cool To Dance With Her

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On Wednesday, May 4, Alba came on Ellen DeGeneres’ eponymous talk show to reveal that her children are not afraid to share their unbiased opinions of her.

The “Mechanic Resurrection” actress raises two daughters, 13-year-old Honor Marie and 10-year-old Haven Garner, and a son 4-year-old Hayes Alba with her husband of over a decade, Cash Warren.

Alba recounted that she and Efron had co-starred in clips for Dubai’s tourism campaign. While on the work trip, she invited him for his first-ever TikTok video which she shared on Instagram.

The “Fantastic Four” actress recounted her interaction with “The Greatest Showman” star, saying:

“‘You’re a professional dancer, so this will be really easy for you. I’ll just show you the moves.’ And literally, one second, this fool picked it up and did it perfectly.”

Alba had uploaded the fun-filled clip in August, and it raked in over 46 million views since. Yet her children are unimpressed.

The mother-of-three got back from her trip and tried to hide her excitement when showing her kids the clip. She recalled their bubble bursting response:

“They were like, ‘Oh, Mom, why is he in a video? Why do you know him?’ Like, why are you in the presence of someone that’s cool?”

Alba asked with a laugh if her children do not know who she is, and DeGeneres joked that they truly did not.

The star attempted to bring up her 2003 dance film “Honey,” where she played a dance teacher with dreams of making it big as a choreographer. She said:

“Every time they tell me I’m a terrible dancer and make fun of me, I’m like, ‘Do you know I created this move? The basketball move?’ “

Alba jokingly confessed, “They think I’m a nerd.” She continued that her oldest daughter told her it’s embarrassing whenever she tries to prove to them she is “cool.”

DeGeneres chimed in by humorously noting that her guest’s examples are one of the reasons she chooses not to have kids, adding, “there’s no respect.”

It’s no wonder that Alba’s kids are outspoken, as she consciously created an environment for them to express themselves freely.

The Blast shared that, while promoting her latest children’s book, “A Bear to Share,” with PEOPLE, the Hollywood sensation highlighted the importance of attending therapy sessions with her eldest daughter, Honor.

Alba noted that being her children’s rock is not always easy, but she has a supportive community of three people to help her care for her children.

The first person is the “Into The Blue” star’s loving spouse Warren, followed by her pen-pals, Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein.

The “Good Luck Chuck” star feels lucky that her friends also have children the same age as hers. She said:

“I think we’re all sort of going through all of this together. So, that helps to have a community of support around you.”

Alba also co-wrote “A Bear to Share” with Patricof and Weinstein, who are also the CEOs of the Baby2Baby brand.

The “L.A.’s Finest” Actress Battled Insecurities At The Start of Her Career

Alba may be recognized for her formidable movie roles, but she battled a lot of insecurities while gaining stardom at the start of her career.

Last December, The Blast disclosed that the Honest Company founder admitted she was “wildly insecure” about her talents on Sammy Jaye’s “Let’s Be Real,” podcast.

Alba became her worst critic because she felt unworthy of the stardom and received no fun or liberation in performing. This led her to leave acting for a while, and she is happy about that choice.

The “Sin City” star said going on an extended break without suffering any repercussions let her be free as a storyteller and try new things, which brought her genuine joy.