Jodie Comer Halts ‘Prima Facie’ Broadway Matinee Due To Bad NYC Air

Jodie Comer Halts ‘Prima Facie’ Broadway Matinee Due To Bad NYC Air

Actor Jodie Comer halted today’s matinee of Broadway’s Prima Facie due to New York City’s bad, smokey air.

According to an audience member, today’s show began 10 minutes late, only to have star Comer announce from the stage that she couldn’t breathe sufficiently to continue with a performance. When the curtain lowered, an announcement asked audience members to stay seated until a final decision was made as to whether to cancel the matinee or perhaps proceed with an understudy.

Earlier today, the Writers Guild of America paused picketing in New York City due to the poor air quality caused by Canadian wildfires. The National Weather Service issued an Air Quality Red Alert for the New York area, the worst air quality in decades. Flights out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport have been halted.

On Twitter, some audience members are expressing confusion. “We came to see Jodie Comer,” writes one. “She started show. Had to stop for air quality. Now want us to see understudy. What is refund policy? Exchange? We came and paid high price to see Jodie.”

Deadline has reached out to a spokesperson for Prima Facie.