Joe Jonas fires back at Sophie Turner’s lawsuit: I did not ‘abduct’ my children

Joe Jonas fires back at Sophie Turner’s lawsuit: I did not ‘abduct’ my children

Joe Jonas has fired back at Sophie Turner’s bombshell lawsuit and insisted that he did not “abduct” their two daughters.

In a statement from his rep, the Jonas Brothers band member called the lawsuit a “harsh legal position” that goes against the “amicable co-parenting setup” he believed they were working toward as recently as last Sunday when they met to discuss custody.

“Less than 24 hours later, Sophie advised that she wanted to take the children permanently to the UK. Thereafter, she demanded via this filing that Joe hand over the children’s passports so that she could take them out of the country immediately,” the rep tells Page Six.

Jonas’ rep also shares that the kids have been with the “Game of Thrones” alum in New York, where she was spotted with Taylor Swift, since the aforementioned meeting.

“Joe is seeking shared parenting with the kids so that they are raised by both their mother and father, and is of course also okay with the kids being raised both in the U.S. and the UK,” his rep says, noting the children were born in the US so are American citizens.

joe jonas carrying his daughter with a nanny carrying the other daughterJoe Jonas clapped back at Sophie Turner’s lawsuit to move their two kids to the UK.BACKGRID
joe jonas holding a stroller while sophie turner holds her daughterHe said he absolutely did not “abduct” their

He also hit back at Turner’s claims that she found out about their divorce “through the media,” stating that she was “aware” he was going to file for dissolution following “multiple conversations.”

The Miami case filing, obtained by Page Six, restricts both Jonas, 34, and Turner, 27, from relocating with their children.

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sophie turner walking with her daughter and holding her handHe also denied Turner’s claims that she found out about their divorce “through the media.”BACKGRID

“This is an unfortunate legal disagreement about a marriage that is sadly ending,” his rep continues. “When language like ‘abduction’ is used, it is misleading at best, and a serious abuse of the legal system at worst.

“The children were not abducted,” he continues.

The statement also addressed the various “disparaging” reports about Turner, such as her alleged partying contributing to their demise, amid their divorce.

“Joe has already disavowed any and all statements purportedly made on his behalf that were disparaging of Sophie,” the statement continues.

“They were made without his approval and are not consistent with his views.”

The rep’s statement concluded suggesting that the “X-Men: Apocalypse” star filed the lawsuit only to move their divorce proceedings to the UK and remove the children from the US “permanently.”

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