Joseph Quinn Teases ‘Brilliant’ Vision For Fantastic Four, And I Need More Information ASAP

Joseph Quinn Teases ‘Brilliant’ Vision For Fantastic Four, And I Need More Information ASAP

The Fantastic Four’s Joseph Quinn has been teasing his role as youngest member Johnny Storm, including joking about possibly setting himself on fire. Quinn has remained tightlipped about his MCU role since the casting announcement (compared to Spider-Man’s Tom Holland). But he gave a slight peek into what Fantastic Four fans can expect from the upcoming reboot. The rising star teased the brilliant vision for the Marvel film, and I need more information right now.

Joseph Quinn Talks Up Matt Shakman’s “Brilliant” Fantastic Four Vision

In February, Joseph Quinn was announced to join Marvel’s First Family alongside Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. They joined already-announced director Matt Shakman. Not much was known about the upcoming Marvel movie besides the casting and director news until now. The Stranger Things actor gave a coy response at Facts Comic-Con (via an X user), saying:  

I still can’t believe it. It’s mad. I’m very excited. We’ve got a great gang. When I spoke to Matt, the director - he had a brilliant vision for it, and the gang that we’ve got doing it, it’s a no-brainer. I definitely wanted to be a part of it. And yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, Quinn had to keep mum because of Marvel’s notorious veil of secrecy. But I want more juice from the future Johnny Storm. The only clue fans have so far about the film is the viral 404 Johnny Storm poster, which may hint at the project’s setting. The Hoard star’s non-response made me more curious about what Shakman may have in store for the Fantastic Four’s first MCU entry after his work on WandaVision. Quinn only steered the fandom for more details. Still, what we know about Fantastic Four is limited.

Logo for Marvel Studios' The Fantastic Four

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Fantastic Four Angles I Would Love To See

Hinting at Shakman’s vision only conjured a multitude of storylines for the family-centric superhero team. I’ve seen multiple stories air between the 1960s and 1990s animated series, the 2005 film (and its 2007 sequel), and the ill-fated 205 reboot. So there are unlimited stories that the MCU reboot could tap into from the Fantastic Four’s six-decade history.

John Krasinski’s role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opened up the possibility of Quinn and co. being a variant from another universe. This angle fits right in with the ongoing Multiverse Saga. The superhero team could come from the past, present, or future Earth. Not to mention the multiple Marvel universes Marvel could use for a potential story. Casting Ozark’s Julia Garner as the Silver Surfer may hint at this possibility.

Another way they could bring the superhero family into the MCU might be hinted at in the cast posters. It appears the superhero team will be in a futuristic city with throwback elements (either its original home base in New York or current staple Stockton, California). It could take place in an alternative future Earth or throwback to the group’s 1960s origins as hinted in the cast’s costumes. Seeing a new take on Doctor Doom or finally bringing a fully formed Galactus to the silver screen would be the bow on an outstanding Fantastic Four movie.

Of course, Stranger Things fans have been clamoring to hear if Joseph Quin will ditch the Netflix hit series and fan-favorite Eddie Munson for the Marvel film. He didn’t quell those worries with Quinn's poker face response. His answers didn’t ease those fears by indicating he knew Eddie’s status without spilling the beans.

It will be a while before moviegoers see Marvel’s First Family kick off Phase Six as The Fantastic Four will arrive in theaters on July 25, 2025. There will be multiple upcoming Marvel movies hitting theaters before then. Before the MCU reboot premieres, audiences will see Joseph Quinn pop up in upcoming movies, including A Quiet Place: Day One and Gladiator 2. Keep your eyes on CinemaBlend for more Fantastic Four updates.