Josh Brolin Reveals His ‘Favorite Moment’ Filming Avengers, And It Involves Mark Ruffalo

Josh Brolin Reveals His ‘Favorite Moment’ Filming Avengers, And It Involves Mark Ruffalo

Josh Brolin is known by most fans of superhero movies for his portrayal of the ultimate villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the terrifying antagonist Thanos, across the franchise's Infinity Saga. While the big-screen antics of the MCU are mostly about heroic deeds and cosmic battles, the off-camera moments often resonate most with the actors involved. In a recent interview, Brolin shared a candid moment regarding his "favorite" experience on set, and it involves co-star Mark Ruffalo. 

During his conversation with GQ for their popular "Breaks Down His/Her Most Iconic Characters" YouTube series, the Goonies veteran shared an anecdote that highlighted the camaraderie among the star-studded Avengers cast. And he specifically shouted out co-star and Hulk performer Mark Ruffalo. Reflecting on his favorite memory from filming, Brolin recounted:

When I was finally in a scene with people who I knew, Ruffalo I knew, Don Cheadle I knew, we had a scene that we did together. I'm on the ground, and the cameras are on me. They're off camera, and I looked at Ruffalo, and I forgot my line. And I go, 'What's my line?' Like he would know, he's a different character, a different actor, and he looked at me, he goes, 'I don't know.' And I go, 'You have to know. What is it? What is it?' And I knew it was coming.

Staying true to his comic book alter ego, the Bruce Banner star came to Josh Brolin’s aid, saving him from an embarrassing moment. The Dune star continued: 

Chris [Hemsworth] is off there saying something. He's picking up his big [hammer] thing, and I go. 'What's the line?' and [Ruffalo] actually gave me the line. I remember I thought that was so funny. It was like how the fuck did you remember the line?' Ruffalo is the nicest human being in the world and the most giving human being. That's my favorite memory during that movie.

Now, these are the kinds of behind-the-scenes stories that you love to hear about. Actors conduct themselves in varying ways when they're on set, as some can be more temperamental than others when it comes to mistakes. But this is a true moment of respect. When you hear of such kindness like this, it's not hard to understand why the MCU actors seem so close even when they're not in front of the cameras.

In Avengers: Endgame, Josh Brolin's Thanos met his demise not once but twice. First, Thor beheaded him, and then a 2014 iteration of the warlord was wiped out of existence due to Tony Stark's mortal sacrifice. The big baddie encountered death in various dimensions in the animated What If…? series. However, despite this, Marvel fans still search for hints that Thanos might return. Recently, Brolin sparked a discussion about the possibility of the villain's comeback. Based on how much he enjoyed his time in the MCU, I'd say that a return is probably not out of the realm of possibility -- should he be asked that is.

The star's most recent cinematic venture sees him returning as part of the stellar cast of Dune: Part Two. The Denis Villeneuve-directed sci-fi sequel has been one of the year's most-anticipated movies, and the wait has been more than worth it. The movie has been experiencing critical and fan acclaim, sitting at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and having a terrific debut weekend at the box office. What's been most delightful to watch is Josh Brolin's interactions with his co-stars amid the press tour. I'd like to think Brolin courteous with his colleagues from the sci-fi flick just as Mark Ruffalo was amiable when working with him.

If you would like to revisit the star in his iconic role in the MCU, just about all of the movies up to this point are available to stream with a Disney+ subscription.