Kanye West & Bianca Censori’s Marriage Allegedly ‘Saved’ By New Album’s Success

Kanye West & Bianca Censori’s Marriage Allegedly ‘Saved’ By New Album’s Success

Kanye West and Bianca Censori‘s marriage has allegedly been saved by the success of his album “Vultures” after a period of turmoil over his controversial remarks.

The couple were allegedly having marital troubles over West’s continued use of “anti-Semitic” language in his music. There were even reports that Censori was the reason behind his apology to the Jewish community.

‘Vultures’ Reportedly Saves Kanye West And Bianca Censori’s Marriage

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West and Censori are experiencing a renewed sense of marital bliss, resulting from the remarkable success of his latest album, “Vultures.”

According to insiders, the couple reportedly had a tumultuous period in their marriage, including a public dispute over West’s anti-Semitic remarks, with Censori questioning her husband’s behavior.

Per sources, their relationship “was hanging on by a thread,” and that was the reason she didn’t show up to support her husband at his New York event and after-party on February 9.

The insider who spoke to the Daily Mail shared: “She knows [what] everyone thinks of her husband – and his recent outbursts were causing her to question everything.”

However, the insider noted that the album’s success has seemingly restored their bond, adding, “But then, all of a sudden, his album is a success, and she is back to being a loving, adoring, and supportive wife.”

Bianca Censori’s Motive To Stay In Her Marriage Questioned

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Censori’s sudden shift in demeanor has sparked concerns among West’s inner circle, who fear that her decision to remain in the marriage may be driven primarily by financial motives.

These concerns were amplified when the “I Wonder” rapper disclosed that his brand, Yeezy, generated $ 19.3 million through a Super Bowl advertisement.

“To her friends and family, this just screams what her real motivation behind all of this is – his money,” the source noted. “They are now in a partnership, and she has made a fortune herself due to all of the work she has done for her husband – as an architect for his brand and a model.”

While Censori’s affection for her husband is undeniable, questions linger about how the “dynamics of their marriage definitely improved drastically due to the success of his album and the massive new influx of wealth it has brought.”

Kanye West Revealed He Almost Went Bankrupt

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Last week, West disclosed financial struggles, admitting he was on the brink of bankruptcy just two months before.

He cited a staggering $2 billion loss resulting from Adidas and other brands terminating partnerships with his brand, Yeezy, over the rapper’s anti-Semitic comments and promotion of White Lives Matter T-shirts at his Paris Fashion Week show. The financial setback also resulted in the Grammy-winning artist losing his billionaire status.

In a video for a $7 million Super Bowl advertisement, the “Gold Digger” rapper revealed that he had poured “everything” he had into the ad and his album, “Vultures,” to mitigate financial challenges.

Speaking to a news outlet, he shared: “Imma just be honest with y’all. I was two months from going bankrupt, and I put everything I had into it [the album and the Super Bowl advert].”

The father of four also revealed that he relocated to Italy with his wife amid declining wealth, adding: “We moved to Italy. We moved to the factories, and we survived. We survived through the cancellation. We’re back number one.”

‘Vultures’ Peaked At No. 1 In 100 Countries

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After the release of West’s highly anticipated collaborative music project, “Vultures,” the album was unexpectedly removed from Apple Music and iTunes, where the song “Carnival” had previously held the top spot on the Top 100: Global chart.

According to Billboard, the distributor was actively working to remove the album from all streaming platforms, allegedly due to West uploading it without proper authorization.

Despite streaming issues, the album soared to number one in 100 countries. However, last week, Spotify removed the track “Good (Don’t Die)” over copyright infringement claims from Donna Summer’s estate, but the remaining tracks are accessible on the platform.

Titled “Vultures Volume 1,” this album serves as the first part of a trilogy, with the subsequent releases scheduled for March and April.