Katy Perry Is Sleep Deprived But Refuses To Miss Daughter’s Important Moments

Katy Perry Is Sleep Deprived But Refuses To Miss Daughter’s Important Moments

Katy Perry is the doting mom that she never expected herself to be. So much so that she refuses to hire a full-time nanny.

Katy Perry Is A First-Time Mom

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“I am working a lot, and I’ve always worked a lot,” said the singer on the “Smartless” podcast this week. She does have a nanny but she isn’t full-time because Perry wants to be as hands-on as possible. If the nanny is waiting, you can’t stay out too late or commit yourself to too many projects.

“I have a wonderful nanny, but I don’t have a full-time nanny because I feel like if I had a full-time nanny then I would never be able to know how to care for my daughter like I’m meant to.”

Katy Perry Doesn’t Want To Miss Moments

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The “Dark Horse” singer shared that when she isn’t working, she is in total “mom mode” this mode, she says isn’t conditional on how tired she is or how busy she is. “It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a show that goes to 11 p.m. the night before, I’m waking up at 6 o’clock and we’re gonna go and do breakfast.”

The consequences of that are physical ailments, “yes, I have the no-sleep shakes, but I’m doing mom mode today,” she jokes. Dad, Orlando Bloom is also pretty hands-on shared Perry but he has a little more practice with juggling babies and career. “Dad is the best,” she says of her man.

 Bloom has a child from his previous relationship with Miranda Kerr and while the couple is divorced Perry has said in the past that watching them co-parent is amazing. 

Katy Perry’s Daughter Daisy Is Learning Words

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Daisy is 2 now and the toddler is running around and learning words. Perry stated that this is even more motivation for her to always make the time to be there. The “Fireworks” singer finds it extremely “hard” when Daisy uses language that she didn’t help her learn. 

“The other day she was saying some words that I didn’t teach her, and I was like ‘Damn it. That doesn’t feel good,’” noted Perry. “She’s 2, so she’s at the point where she’s saying new words everyday.”

Perry likes the moments she gets to be with her daughter and why would she deprive herself of more of those moments for work?

Katy Perry’s Mornings Are Important

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“I try to start my day out with my daughter, playing and having some floor time with her. Reading some books,” she shared. “It usually varies what time we’re waking up, 7 or 8 a.m,” she shared with the Wall Street Journal. 

“Sometimes I get to sleep in and Daddy takes her until 9, which is super. But we do breakfast together.”

She admitted that watching Bloom parent Flynn, 11 solidified that babies were in her future and hopefully with him. “That definitely primally influenced me. Something inside of me said, ‘You, mid-30s, this man is nice. Must breed.’”