Kendall Jenner Forgets Her Bikini As She Suns Her Buns In Racy Post Breakup Snaps!

Kendall Jenner Forgets Her Bikini As She Suns Her Buns In Racy Post Breakup Snaps!

Reality star and model Kendall Jenner isn’t wasting any time putting herself back out there!
The supermodel recently hit her social media with a super hot photo giving fans a perfect view of her bare buns!

Jenner, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, Devin Brooker, definitely knows how to move on from a relationship if her Instagram account is anything to go by.

Suns Up Buns Out!

Kendall Jenner sunbathes in the nudeInstagram | Kendall Jenner

Jenner let her Instagram followers have it by sharing a sizzling photo of herself taking a sunbath. The photo shows Jenner laying it all out in the sun, donning nothing but a green baseball cap while busying with her phone.

The model can be seen lying on her toned belly as her skin soaks in some of that good vitamin D.

Her bikini? Rests carefully by her side, not being needed at the moment.

She also included a bunch of other random photos to the mix. There’s a shot of her riding a horse and then another showing off some delicious-looking sushi perfectly stacked on each other. She also includes a video of her driving towards the sunset.

Jenner seems to be giving herself a well-deserved break, lounging and relaxing on a patio deck. Considering her coming back into the single squad, Jenner possibly has more thirst traps in store for her fans.

Kendall Jenner Is Too Hot For The Gram!

Kendall Jenner enjoys the snow in a bikiniInstagram | Kendall Jenner

With the racy photos comes a score of thirsty fans with compliments and comments.

One fan wrote, “Single Kendall is a big mood..” By looking at her recent photos, we definitely agree on that one!

Another fan commented, “What my Barbie used to look like when I’d lose her clothes after experimenting with different outfits.”

“Someone tell [the] dev to stay strong,” another commented, implying that the photo might be too racy for the platform!

Not everyone was living for Jenners nude moment, as some fans chose to call out the model for uploading a nude photo to the social media platform. If anything, the general fan reaction proves that the model is definitely way too hot to handle.

She Went Topless On IG

Kendall Jenner sunbathes in the nudeInstagram | Kendall Jenner

This isn’t Jenners first time shaking up Instagram with a racy photo. Back in April, the model decided to let it all hang out as she posed topless in a blue bikini while holding a bottle of her Liquor brand, 818 Tequila.

The photo is taken from below and shows a half-naked Kendall barely covering her breasts with her left hand while her right hand holds her liquor as she gazes into the distance.

Just like her recent sunbathing snap, her topless shot also got tongues wagging over the model’s very bold and racy photos. Clearly, Jenner does not care much about what anyone thinks and enjoys sharing it all on social media whenever she wants to and however she wants to.

Kendall Jenner Just broke up with Devin Booker

Jenners recent IG thirst traps come only a week after her breakup with her basketballer ex-boyfriend, Booker. The pair were together for two years and seemed to be going strong.

News of their breakup came shortly after they were seen enjoying each other’s company and having a good time at Jenner’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding to Tavis Barker in Italy.

According to E!News, a source close to Jenner shared that “Kendall and Devin hit a rough patch recently and have split for about a week and a half.” The source also stated that the supermodel requested some time apart and that despite that, they’re in touch and “still care very much for one another.”

Finally, as per E!, the source also states that the breakup might not be permanent as the pair “hope to make it work.”