Kevin Durant Completes Brooklyn Nets Disaster By Requesting Trade

Kevin Durant Completes Brooklyn Nets Disaster By Requesting Trade

On June 30th, 2019, the Brooklyn Nets signed superstar free agents Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving with the hopes of making themselves a NBA dynasty. But three years to the day, they have become the biggest disasters in Brooklyn Nets history as Irving has signed his player option to stay one more year because no other NBA team wants him and Durant has requested a trade.

The NBA of 2022 seems to have players chase their destiny and change teams at the drop of a hat, but more times than not, they then fall on their faces to then ruin what could have been a great legacy. Nothing is different now with these two moves.

Kevin Durant Requests Trade From Brooklyn Nets

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Based on reports from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Durant has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets after the last few seasons with the Nets have been simply a complete disaster that was only helped with unfortunate injuries, forced trades, Irving’s Covid-19 stance and egos so big that they could fill the planet earth, which in Irving’s case, no matter how much he wants to believe, is not flat.

The Nets and their general manager Sean Marks are said to be looking to make a deal that benefits them in the long run, but the way the franchise has been doing things the last few years, it might not turn out that well for them and Durant might get his way. Part of that way is his request to be traded to major contenders being either the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat.

But I think with four years left on his contract, Durant shouldn’t exactly get what he wants and instead should have to go to wherever the Nets get the best deal and the best assets in both players and future draft picks for him. Durant has been given everything he wants from the Nets, whether it has been tons of money or the opportunity to play with a cast of players that should have been dominant enough and should have gotten them all to at least reach the NBA Finals let alone have the chance to even win it.

But that is not how it works for Durant. He can win all the scoring titles and MVPs he wants, he already has a few rings and many consider him to be the best player in the league, but his legacy is nothing and needs some fine tuning, maybe things will change on his new team, but we have all heard this same song before, so the likelihood might also be non existent.

Why Kevin Durant Trade Will Not Work For NBA Superstar

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And the reason it will not work is like many times before, when there is any type of adversity, Durant ends up leaving. He left the Texas Longhorns after his freshman year when they were upset in the second round of the 2006-07 NCAA Tournament by USC for the NBA. Then he left the OKC Thunder after his team and himself blew it in the 2016 NBA Finals after being up 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors, who ended up winning the championship in seven games, the same Warriors team he then joined the following season to take the easy route to a few NBA championships and the glory that all brings.

A team that didn’t need him to be great, but after a few years of winning easy championships, that didn’t even work for him, which he then got upset again and led him to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. A team that paid him to return from a major surgery and  injury and did everything to make him happy. But yet again, he is not happy.

Now Durant is at another crossroads. Wherever he goes, he might be the best player on the team, he might still be the best player in the league, but one thing he will not be is a winner. It just hasn’t happened and that is a shame because he is someone that could transcend sports, but he keeps getting in his own way. Now if he can prove to win on his own on his new team, then I will take it all back, but if history tells us anything, Durant will be complaining yet again a few months and or years in the future and everyone will be talking about him in a negative light all over again.

People should get second chances, but Durant is now on what seems to be his thousandth chance. It should be interesting to see where he lands and how he manages to make it actually work or have it explode in his face. I would love to be proven wrong, but until then, your move Kevin. It is your chance to rewrite history and get your legacy back intact. Myself and many of your fans and detractors will be waiting.