Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga ‘trash bag’ can now be yours for $1,790

Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga ‘trash bag’ can now be yours for $1,790

This Hefty-inspired handbag comes with a hefty price tag.

Back in March, after sitting front row at Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show in a catsuit made out of caution tape, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to show off her gift from designer Demna: a ripped-from-the-runway black sack from the brand-new collection.

“Look what I got. I got the ‘trash bag’ bag from the show. I am so excited,” she gushed at the time, adding, “How cool is this?”

Now, the head-scratching style — dubbed the Trash Pouch — has finally hit stores, priced at a cool $1,790.

“I couldn’t miss an an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Demna told Women’s Wear Daily after his show.

black trash bagKardashian snagged the head-scratching style months before it hit stores.kimkardashian/Instagram

Crafted from glossy leather in place of the usual plastic and available in black, white, yellow and blue, Balenciaga’s drawstring sacks are certainly stirring up strong reactions on social media.

“They really trying to make a joke out of the consumers at this point,” one person commented on Highsnobiety’s Instagram post about the style hitting stores, while another quipped, “I got 40 of those under my sink.”

Joked a third, “whoever buys this needs to be thrown out in it.”

Balenciaga trash bagThe $1,790 sack is inspired by the humble garbage bag.Balenciaga

It makes sense that Kardashian would be the first to get her hands on the high-fashion Hefty bag; Balenciaga’s behind some of her most controversial and conversation-starting looks to date, from her masked 2021 Met Gala moment to her helmeted haute couture to the aforementioned sticky yellow onesie.

And at just south of two grand, Balenciaga’s trashy tote is practically a bargain buy compared to the five- and six-figure Hermès Birkins stashed in Kardashian’s closet.