Kristen Stewart's Fiancée Dylan Meyer Has Been On The Writer's Strike Picket Line And Shared A Funny Zoolander Sign

Kristen Stewart's Fiancée Dylan Meyer Has Been On The Writer's Strike Picket Line And Shared A Funny Zoolander Sign

The WGA strike has been ongoing within the entertainment industry. The Writers Guild contract with the studios expired at the beginning of May, and the Guild is now striking for a new contract. Many modern issues are the subject of debate for the strike, and it has ceased all writing activity within Hollywood. The situation has brought out several notable faces to the picket lines, including Kristen Stewart’s fiancée Dylan Meyer, who recently shared a funny sign on her social media inspired by the comedy film, Zoolander.

Meyer supported the writers on the picket lines this weekend as the strikers have been picketing outside of major studios on the East and West Coast. The signs the writers have been holding have been absolutely hilarious, many of which have been inspired by lines from movies and television shows. Meyer’s sign was no exception, and it referenced an iconic line from Zoolander. You can see the story post from the actress’s Instagram below:

instagram story wga strike Dylan Meyer

(Image credit: Dylan Meyer's Instagram)

Meyer isn’t the only famous face who has been seen supporting the striking writers. Pete Davidson brought pizzas to the picket lines in New York. While other notable figures like Tina Fey, Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, Rob Lowe, and Jason Sudeikis have also been seen striking. Zoe Kazan has been picketing as well, and her husband Paul Dano stated at the Cannes Film Festival that he has every intention of joining her after the festival. 

The ongoing Writers' Strike has called for a complete shutdown of all writing activities within Hollywood. Daily scripted shows like late-night television have ceased production and other scripted shows will likely be affected as we get closer to fall premieres. The strike has affected several projects currently in production, including Daredevil: Born Again, which has paused filming, and Marvel’s Blade reboot which has been delayed. In addition, the Screen Actors Guild has a contract expiring soon, and is currently voting on whether or not to strike as well, so Meyer may continue to be on the picket lines for a while. 

Stewart and Meyer have been together since 2019. Stewart announced her engagement plans on the Howard Stern Show at the end of that year, and they officially got engaged in 2021. Meyer is crazy proud of her partner, and posts adorable photos of Stewart on her Instagram. They have talked about their wedding plans, however, haven’t tied the knot quite yet. They also plan on writing a television show together, after the WGA contract is negotiated of course. 

Due to the ongoing strike, it may be a while before we get the long-awaited Meyer/Stewart project. In the meantime, you can check out Moxie, which was written by Dylan Meyer and is available to stream on Netflix. Fans can also check out Kristen Stewart’s latest film, Crimes of the Future, which is streaming with a Hulu subscription. For more information on other films set to release later this year, make sure to consult our 2023 movie release schedule.