Larissa Trownson Snaps A Selfie In Her Little White Bikini

Larissa Trownson Snaps A Selfie In Her Little White Bikini

Model Larissa Trownson is putting on a pretty busty display in her little white bikini!

The season 2 contestant on the hit Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” shared a trio of selfies that featured her showing off her assets in a tiny white bikini top!

Larissa Trownson Puts On A Busty Display In Her Little White Bikini!

Larissa Trownson in a white bikiniInstagram | Larissa Trownson

In her latest Instagram post, the Netflix reality star shared three steamy selfies that featured her looking down at her phone screen as she lounged under the deep blue sky in a tiny white halter-top bikini that popped against her sun-kissed tan.

She is looking down at the camera through her long lashes, her glossy pink lips pursed for the shot. She complimented her look with plenty of mascara and a touch of blush on her cheeks. Her long dark hair fell straight over her shoulders, revealing giant gold hoop earrings.

‘If I Can’t Wear A Bikini Then I’m Not Going’

Larissa Trownson in a white bikiniInstagram | Larissa Trownson

In the caption, Larissa teased, “If I can’t wear a bikini then I’m not going.” Larissa is known for her love of bikinis and fans couldn’t get enough of her sultry snaps. “If she’s not wearing a bikini, I’m also not coming,” one fan joked. “Ohhhh gosshhhhhh,” another follower wrote. “Very, very nice shoot,” a third fan chimed in.

“I would never play hide and seek without you because it would be impossible to find someone like you. Sunshine comes from the sun and one is coming from this face… if this vibe had a face like yours, it would be on top,” another follower commented.

Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Larissa’s Stunning Selfies!

Larissa Trownson in a white bikiniInstagram | Larissa Trownson

“Gorgeous,” another fan wrote. “So hot,” another follower agreed. “What a view,” another fan chimed in. “Your eyes look really nice in this,” another follower shared. “You look amazing,” another fan wrote. “Wonderful,” another follower added as fans showered her post with heart-eye and fire emojis.

Fortunately, this is far from the only time that Larissa has stunned her followers with her bikini snaps. The New Zealand lawyer (yes, really!) put on another steamy display in a red hot bikini when she joked that she had “more bikinis than sense.”

Larissa Trownson Looks Red Hot In Her Tiny Drawstring Bikini!

Larissa Trownson in a red bikiniInstagram | Larissa Trownson

In yet another Instagram post, the New Zealand native put on a steamy display as she posed for the camera in a red drawstring bikini. She has her thumb tugging the front of her bikini forward, showing off her long, manicured red nails.

Larissa wore her long brown hair in loose waves for this shot and paired her red bikini with a bold pink lip. The red bikini looked like it was practically glowing in the sunlight as she flaunted her fit physique for the camera.

Larissa’s “Too Hot To Handle” Costars Can’t Get Enough Of Her Stunning Snaps!

Larissa Trownson in a red bikiniInstagram | Larissa Trownson

Larissa’s “Too Hot To Handle” season 2 costars couldn’t get enough of her steamy bikini snaps. Carly Lawrence dropped a heart-eye emoji on the post, to which Larissa replied with three red heart emojis. Kayla Jean Carter called her a “bombshell.” Larissa responded, “miss you!!” along with three black heart emojis.

Emily Faye Miller commented, “Just how we like it baby” alongside three heart-eye emojis, although Larissa didn’t reply to her comment. Still, many fans also showered her post with red heart and heart-eye emojis as they gushed over the color of her bikini and the color of her hair, which used to be bleached blonde.

Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Hottie Larissa Trownson!

Larissa Trownson in a red bikiniInstagram | Larissa Trownson

One fan commented, “Dear Ms. Larissa, more bikinis than sense? Well, considering your unparalleled Big Brain Goddess Energy, you must necessarily have about eleventy gazillion bikinis!” Larissa replied, “Love your comments always!!” The fan replied, “Dear Ms. Goddess Larissa, your dusky, sensual, hypnotic beauty inspires me. You are my muse.”

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