Leo Varadkar believes there will be "teething problems" with new nightclub ticketing system

Leo Varadkar believes there will be

"To be very frank, I think there are going to be teething problems."

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said he believes there will be "teething problems" with the new ticketing system to be implemented in businesses operating as live entertainment venues or nightclubs.


His comments come following a meeting between Government and industry stakeholders on Tuesday (26 October) in a bid to "clarify" guidelines that have thus far proved notably confusing.

Following some initial clarification last week that permitted the return of nightclubs at 100% capacity and the removal of the 11.30pm curfew, a last-minute change caused fresh consternation.

On Friday evening, mere hours before clubs threw open their doors, news filtered through that nightclubs must now be ticket-only events, though that element has yet to officially kick in.

Under the plans, all businesses who wish to operate as a live entertainment venue or nightclub must use electronic ticketing systems as a condition of entry to their premises.

At Tuesday's meeting, the Government said in a statement it clarified that tickets must be purchased or acquired at least one hour before arrival at live venues or nightclubs and must contain details to allow for robust contract tracing.

It is expecting the new regulations for the ticketing system will be published on Thursday, with the rules coming into effect from then.

However, nightlife sector representatives have requested a "two-week grace period" to allow businesses time to get organised and adapt to the new guidelines.


Speaking about the ticketing system, Varadkar stated he believes problems will arise in its implementation but that matters will be kept under review.

"To be very frank, I think there are going to be teething problems and I think there are going to be implementation problems," the Tánaiste said.

"We will keep all of these matters under review and we'll keep engaging with the sector."

Varadkar added that "the most important thing" is getting the sector open, with the "second most important thing" making sure it stays open.

"That's why we want to have a ticketing regime, to make sure that people are fully vaccinated, to make sure that capacity limits are maintained, to make sure that we can do contact tracing if there's an outbreak in a nightclub or in a bar."


Main image via Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie