‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff Calls Ex-Wife Amy A Micro-Manager & Dictator

‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff Calls Ex-Wife Amy A Micro-Manager & Dictator

A new clip of an upcoming episode of “Little People, Big World” has surfaced, showing Amy Roloff leading the brainstorming session for a family charity event.

Despite her best intentions, her take-charge attitude reminds her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, of how quickly she could become a “dictator.”

Matt Roloff Dubs Amy Roloff A Micromanaging Dictator Ahead Of Charity Event

In a special clip from next Tuesday’s episode of “Little People, Big World,” Amy, her husband Chris Malek, Matt, and his fiancée Caryn Chandler come together to discuss a charity event they are organizing for the Dwarf Athletic Association of America [DAAA].

Quickly, Amy led the discussion and asked her former husband about the dates for the event, which will be held at the farmhouse he rents out. After talking about it, the group decided to move it to June, with Amy making the final call.

While checking her phone, the television personality announces, “June 24th, we’re setting the date today.” 

Even though nobody disagrees with the decision, Amy’s determination to settle on a date causes Matt to recall her leadership skills. Addressing those skills during a confessional, the 62-year-old says:

“Amy, she can cross that line from micro-manager to dictator quicker than me. She can go right there, and you just fasten your seatbelt. She can boss people around with the best of them.”

Matt is not entirely wrong, as Amy’s strong decision-making skills shine through again when her current husband suggests holding the charity event where they got married in 2021. 

Upon Matt asking about a tent, Amy bluntly states, “I’m not getting a tent. It’s way too much money.” She finally has a chance to explain her take-charge attitude during a confessional with Chris, where she shares:

“Planning for anything, ‘Who’s gonna take ownership? Who’s gonna lead this?’ I’ve been there, done that, you can’t have too many leaders and too many bosses.” 

Her man also chips in his defense for her actions, claiming, “Well, not only that, out of the four of us, Amy has the most experience so I think it would be better for Matt and I to kind of do the peripheral stuff.”

When the camera pans back to the brainstorming session, Amy is set on finalizing the location “today” and proposes that they all visit it to ensure it is suitable for the impending shindig.

Matt touched on Amy’s leadership again in another confessional, this time with his fiancée. In his words, “There’s a lot of ideas being kicked around and Amy made it very clear that she’s in charge.” 

Caryn, seemingly having no problem with Amy’s authoritative position, adds, “Fine by us. I mean it was their idea and we want them to roll with it and we’ll be the support. The co-pilots.”

Her fiancé laughingly concludes, “I’m like, ‘Amy, if you’re lucky I’ll let you plan my fundraiser.'”

Zach & Tori Roloff Announced Family’s Decision To Quit The Reality Show

While his parents iron out the final details of their event, Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, have decided to quit “LPBW” after its ongoing 25th season. Kicking off the conversation on a recent episode of their “Raising Heights,” Tori disclosed:

“Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. Are we coming back to ‘Little People, Big World’?” Zach responded, “We are not. We made that pretty clear the last cycle.”

Clarifying the matter, Tori noted, “But I don’t think it’s been officially announced to people like we are not coming back to ‘Little People, Big World.’ We are done. That part in our lives, that chapter has closed.”

Zach also declared that their exit from the long-running series, which he joined as a teen, should not surprise fans, considering what happened in recent seasons.

Going further, the father of three stressed that it did not matter whether they were asked to return as they had made it clear they were “done with” that part of their lives for several reasons.

As reported by The Blast, he added, “This last cycle was rough between the family, the farm deal, and we were done with it. We moved on.”

In the end, Tori and Zach decided to leave the TLC series because they wanted to have some space from the other Roloffs and prioritize their kids’ privacy.