Live-Action Bambi Writer On How The Disney Remake Will Handle The Mother’s Heartbreaking Death

Live-Action Bambi Writer On How The Disney Remake Will Handle The Mother’s Heartbreaking Death

Despite their cheerful and optimistic nature, some Disney movies share a common trope - the motherless protagonist. Oftentimes, the mother’s death occurs before or during the movie. Of course, one of the most tragic Disney deaths was Bambi’s mother being killed by a hunter. The shocking and visceral death left an impression for generations to come. Now as Bambi is poised for a live-action remake, the film’s writer spoke about how the Disney remake will handle the mother’s heartbreaking death.

While promoting her directorial debut Pet Sematary: Bloodlines, Hollywood scribe Lindsey Anderson Beer gave Collider insight into how the live-action adaptation will handle the infamous scene. Anderson Beer called the original Bambi “a beautiful love poem” before explaining the new interpretation would introduce the beloved character to a new generation of young Disney fans. She mentioned Bambi’s mother’s death as the probable reason for some children not knowing the 1924 animated classic, saying,

Not to spoil the plot, but there’s a treatment of the mom dying that I think some kids, some parents these days are more sensitive about than they were in the past. And I think that’s one of the reasons that they haven’t shown it to their children.

Anderson Beer wasn’t wrong about the infamous death scene. For anyone who’s seen the original animated film, the death of Bambi’s mother is a turning point for the mischievous fawn. It was sad to watch a young Bambi coaching his mom to wake up after being shot while seeing his father take on the role of raising his son. The bleak scene might not be suitable for young eyes, especially through the lens of Gen X and Millennial parents.  

Considering the shocking death scene still lingers decades later, the Sierra Burgess Is a Loser writer saw the new adaptation to put her spin on the somber moment. Anderson Beer opened up about re-interpreting the death for a new generation, saying:

I do think there is a way to update Bambi and our take on it was...[we] did give a little bit more of a scope to it. And I just think that to be able to bring it to life for kids these days in a way that maybe they relate to a little bit more would be of service to the original.

It appears the tragic killing scene will be handled with sensitivity and care so young audiences can comprehend the gut-wrenching moment through a modern lens. The shocking and dark nature of the gentle doe’s death jarred young minds as the original animated movie became a viewing tradition from generation to generation. However, Gen Z and Gen Alpha haven’t viewed the anthropomorphic classic as frequently due to their parents’ skittishness toward the death scene. Now, younger Disney fans will get the chance to witness the moment – some for the first time. This proposed new take isn’t surprising given the re-interpretation trend amongst recent and upcoming Disney remakes.

After the WGA strike ended, Lindsey Anderson Beer can start gearing up for the live-action Bambi. Of course, the SAG-AFTRA strike is still going so it might be some time before production of the live-action remake begins. It is currently unknown when the Disney remake will hit theaters. Until then, check out what upcoming Disney movies will arrive next in movie cinemas. The most recent release, The Creator, is currently in theaters.