Love Is Blind’s Amy Reveals Story Behind Super Emotional Meeting With Her Dad And Johnny

Love Is Blind’s Amy Reveals Story Behind Super Emotional Meeting With Her Dad And Johnny

SPOILERS are ahead for Love Is Blind Season 6’s episodes 1-10. You can catch up now with a Netflix subscription

With the latest batch of episodes, this season’s stars of Love Is Blind are moving right through the experiment’s process with one particularly important part of the whole thing up next: meeting the parents. In these new episodes, some really emotionally moving moments between the couples and their parents seem to bring them closer to saying “I do” at the altar. When CinemaBlend spoke to Amy, she shared the story behind the moving first meeting Johnny and her dad had. 

During episode 10 of Love Is Blind Season 6, Amy and Johnny met Amy’s dad after the possible bride-to-be previously shared her concerns about their relationship going forward if her father didn't approve. Here’s what she told us: 

I feel like going into this process, my parents were not the most supportive out of fear and out of protection of me. And so, when it came to my dad meeting Johnny for the first time, I was super nervous. I was like ‘This is not gonna go well. It's gonna go awful.’ But my dad, he is a man that has strong intuition and I trust his judgment with everything that I am. So the fact that he was fully supportive of it at the end was just a huge sign for me that I should continue exploring the relationship that I had.

As the scene in episode 10 showcased, Johnny was warmly welcomed by her father after they had a chance to sit down and get to know each other and his intentions. While we don’t know if Amy and Johnny officially got married after the latest episode, it feels like they are on their way to becoming the latest successful couple from one of Netflix’s dating shows

Amy definitely got emotional during the scene between her father and Johnny. Knowing that they were not necessarily on board for her to be part of the show from the jump brings more context to the sweet episode 10 moment when her dad gives the pair his blessing to get married. Elsewhere in the interview, Amy told us she was convinced by her best friends to be part of the show. We’re on the edge of our seats regarding whether Amy and Johnny will really become husband and wife! 

Otherwise in Love Is Blind as its stars get closer to the wedding finale episodes, Amber spoke about her own emotional moment when her mom and Clay met for the first time. In her words: 

Having my mom be there and having her full support was, I don't wanna get emotional 'cause I love my mom, but having her support meant the world to me. Having the support of my sisters and then them just showing up. That's one of my love languages is to just show up and support me and that's what they did to the best of their ability and I'm grateful for them.

When CinemaBlend spoke to Clay, the Love Is Blind leading man told us that his own mom convinced him to be part of the series, but she hilariously referred him to the wrong show

As we get ready for the finale episode next week, it's worth noting that this season seems to be going much smoother and solid in contrast to where the Season 5 couples ended up. Next Wednesday, March 6, the finale will air and the week after that the reunion will happen. While we wait for more episodes, you can check out what other 2024 Netflix movies and TV shows are coming next on the streaming service.