Love Is Blind’s Chris Shares More About 'Surreal' Encounter With Johnie After The Pods, And What Happened Next

Love Is Blind’s Chris Shares More About 'Surreal' Encounter With Johnie After The Pods, And What Happened Next

This story includes spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 5, Episode 7, which is now streamable with a Netflix subscription.

The latest batch of Love Is Blind episodes see each of the new season's couples navigating life in the real world for the first time after their blind engagements and idyllic vacations. And amid that, one shocking surprise took place in Episode 7, “First Class Love.” During a heated reunion between many of the stars from Season 5, viewers learned Chris and Johnie actually got back together after their breakup in the pods! Following the big reveal, CinemaBlend spoke to Chris about his "surreal" encounter with his partner outside the pods as well as what happened next.

During the BBQ reunion meet-up, Chris and Johnie showed up together as boyfriend and girlfriend. As shared, the two magically ran into each other at the airport after their time in the pods. When we spoke to the 28-year-old project manager, he candidly discussed his first encounter with Johnie outside the pods, saying this:  

Surreal is the perfect word. It's uh, it was, it was insane. Um, when we first see each other, you know, your eyes are like, who is this person? Let me, you know, put my walls up, who's the stranger talking to me in the airport? But then you start talking and you hear her voice and, and your ears tell your brain, oh, this is my best friend. I, you know, I've, you've fallen in love with this person, and you just really begin to relax once you hear her voice and, and you just go right back to where you were in the pods.

As the couple shared in Episode 7, Johnie was trying to take a nap at the airport when she heard Chris taking a call at the same time and recognized him. During the episode, Chris revealed both he and Johnie realized they were meeting each other in such a spontaneous way, and he ultimately decided to give her another chance. 

But of course, their relationship reveal was followed by some drama. Izzy questioned the relationship at the BBQ and confronted the two. Since he dated Johnie too and sensed some shadiness from her, Izzy warned Chris. Now, Chris and Johnie didn't get engaged like the other ones, so the stakes are significantly lower in this case. They did, however, seem rather serious, considering Johnie shared that she already introduced him to her mom. 

What happens next with the relationship has yet to be divulged but, following the surprise reveal, more insight should arrive in the three additional episodes and reunion. (Hopefully, that latter event will air on time, unlike the last one.) Love Is Blind reunions are always packed with surprises, and we’ll soon learn whether the couple is still going strong or broke things off again. We kept things spoiler free in our interview, but Chris did share that there’s “nothing” he would change about his experience on LIB and that he found it to be an "incredible experience.” He also alluded to experiencing “heartbreak” during the experiment, but we’ll have to wait to find out what he means. 

Did he leave the experiment with a meet-cute with Johnie that blossomed into lifelong romance? We'll see when more Love Is Blind episodes arrive this Friday, October 6 ahead of the finale, which airs on October 13! You can also look over the 2023 TV schedule for premiere info on other majors shows.