‘Love Is Blind’ Teases Release Date For ‘Season 3: After The Altar’

‘Love Is Blind’ Teases Release Date For ‘Season 3: After The Altar’

There was a lot of drama that took place on season 3 of “Love Is Blind” and fans have been anxiously awaiting the After the Altar special to see what new tea will be spilled!

Although there was a lot of drama between Barnett and Nancy, Cole and Zanab, Matt and Colleen, Raven and SK, and Alexa and Brennon, it was actually the drama that went down after the camera stopped rolling that fans can’t stop talking about!

For example… why did Zanab meet with Cole’s ex-wife more than a year after they called it quits and brag about it on TikTok? Hopefully, it comes up in the special because fans want answers!

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 After The Altar Special Coming Next Month!

Instagram | Zanab Jaffrey

On Wednesday morning, the Netflix “Love Is Blind” account posted photos of all the couples to their Instagram page. Colleen and Matt and Alexa and Brennon are the only couples that are still in the same frame because they are the only couples that said “I Do” and remain married.

“Season 3: After the Altar. Coming February 10,” the caption read. The tagline written in the photos reads, “Catch up with these cuties” which is a nod to the infamous “Cuties” scene where Zanab accused Cole of body shaming her over eating a couple of cuties, which are basically just small oranges. Cole, meanwhile, maintains that he just didn’t want her to spoil her appetite when they were about to leave to have dinner soon.

Raven RossInstagram | Raven Ross

Raven quickly dropped a red heart emoji in the comments. One fan told her “You deserve better.” Although the two called it quits at the altar, Raven and SK continued to date after the show aired. However, multiple women came forward accusing SK of cheating on Raven with them, and after some text messages and video receipts, Raven called it off.

Many other fans were quick to weigh in on the drama between Zanab and Cole. The last time the couple was spotted in the same room together, Cole was in tears and felt that everyone was taking Zanab’s side after she accused him of body shaming.

Zanab claimed that Cole repeatedly body-shamed her during the filming of the show and caused her to develop an eating disorder. However, her repeated digs at Cole on social media have made fans feel like she’s really the one who instigated a lot of their arguments, especially after she met up with his ex-wife!

Zanab Claims She Met Cole’s Wife For Coffee… But Where Are The Receipts?

Zanab Jaffrey claims she met Cole Barnett's ex-wife for coffeeTikTok | Zanab Jaffrey

Fans of “Love Is Blind” love some scalding hot tea, and it really doesn’t get any hotter than this! Over Thanksgiving weekend, Zanab took to TikTok to share a black-and-white video set to Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

The text on the video reads “You’re in my comments/mentions/dms about him. I’m having coffee with his ex-wife.” In the caption, Zanab wrote, “Respectfully, we are not the same. Disrespectfully, we both don’t want that. #prayingforyou.”

The video just shows Zanab sitting in her car and doesn’t actually make it seem like the two are together. There are few details publicly available about Cole’s ex-wife, except that they married in Dallas, Texas on June 23, 2019. The show was released on Netflix in 2022, so their relationship clearly didn’t last long at all!

'Love Is Blind' season 3 contestant Zanab Jaffrey and Cole BarnettInstagram | Cole Barnett

In a 20-minute appearance on Lauren Interviews Apple podcast, Cole maintained that he had no idea why Zanab was accusing him of body shaming. “I was just asking and saying, ‘Hey, we planned this big dinner.’ I was just speaking to it and being myself,” he explained last year.

“I was trying to keep things light,” Cole went on, noting that this isn’t the first time that he’s had to watch his language around Zanab. “And the reason that I’m using the word ‘appetito’ instead of appetite and speaking like a normal human is because I knew how sensitive things were with Zay on everything.”

'Love Is Blind' season 3 contestant Zanab Jaffrey and Cole BarnettInstagram | Cole Barnett

“I was walking on eggshells because I knew there are just tripwires everywhere,” he continued. “The moment I say one thing that hits her wrong, I’m now the worst. I was just trying to figure out how to even speak without saying something wrong.”

Fans can’t wait to see how things are between Cole and Zanab when the season 3 “Love Is Blind” After the Altar special drops on Friday, February 10!